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This article gives you tips about how to auto login Windows 7 without password when you lost or forgot your password.

Feel at a loss because you lost Windows password on your Dell laptop? Looking for a way to crack Dell laptop password? This article introduces a dell computer support password cracker to hack a dell computer.

Take ThinkPad as an example in this article. How many types of passwords ThinkPad has? Power-on password, Hard drive password (master and user), Supervisor password, and Operation System Password

This article tells you four methods to enable and disable Built-in Windows 7 admin account. Furthermore, it shows tips about how to create new Windows 7 account to enter your computer if you forget the password.

This article tells you two methods to reset Windows 7 password with password reset disk and Windows 7 password reset software.

Locked out by Lenovo ThinkPad? Need to unlock IBM ThinkPad password? This article specifies various ThinkPad password as well as methods to unlock each password. Learn and try by yourself.

Have you ever encountered Windows 7 crash problem? This article lists the top 10 reasons why Windows 7 crash. Just keep reading and find the reason for your Windows 7 crash.

Want to turn off parental controls on Windows 7? This article offered a step-by-step guide about how to turn off Windows 7 parental controls. Read on please.

Want to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7? This article offered a step-by-step guide about how to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.Read on please.

Forgot password to login Windows 7? This article will show you how to use System Restore to change Windows 7 password. Read on, please.

If you happened to forget the password of your Windows 7 computer, what can you do? Here we collect the best 3 free Windows 7 password recovery tool for you to easily recover your Windows 7 password.

Got black screen of death when booting up Windows 7? This article shows you a powerful Windows 7 black screen repair tool. It helps you fix Win7 black screen on startup and make the PC boot normally.

Windows 7 fails to boot with blue screen of death? Be relaxed! This article introduces you a Windows 7 BSOD repair tool which can help you fix Win7 blue screen efficiently.

Any Computer crash problem like Windows 7 crashes bothering you? Learn what to do after your Windows 7 crashed and keep all your files in your Windows 7 safe in this article.

Windows 7 freezes or hangs on startup? Don't panic, this article tells you how to fix Windows 7 keeps freezing issues and make Windows 7 computer boot normally.

Windows 7 computer keeps rebooting constantly? Don't worry! This article tells you how to fix Windows 7 keep restarting problem specifically.

Windows 7 won't boot correctly? Don't worry! This article tells you how to fix a Windows 7 computer when it can't boot or start normally.

Can't remember the password to login your Windows 7 password? There are 3 ways for you to reset or retrieve forgotten Windows 7 password. Read on, please.

Are you looking for ways to create bootable CD/DVD from ISO file in order to install/re-install Windows 7? Try to follow the step-by-step guides on how to create a bootable CD/DVD from ISO in Windows 7 in this article.

Burning an ISO image into USB drive is not merely copying the file. Here is the easiest way to create Bootable USB from ISO in Windows 7 for password recovery.

Ophcrack can't find Windows 7 tables? This post shows you the best Ophcrack alternative software to help you reset Windows 7 password.