How to Retrieve Password in Windows 7 with Windows 7 Password Retriever

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I know how painful it is that we forgot Windows 7 password and lock ourself out of our own computer, especially when we forgot Windows 7 administrator password. It also pains as much as to have your Windows 7 built from scratch by reinstalling it, which means your years worth of data and programs in it will be erased. Is this our only solution?

Fortunately, we can do an Windows 7 password retrieval to retrieve Windows 7 login password without causing any data loss or damage to our computer. How? In order to retrieve Windows 7 admin password, we'll need the assistance of Windows 7 Password Retriever (Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool). It's a third-party Windows 7 password retrieval professional that allows you to retrieve Windows 7 administrator password but also other users accounts password. It's simple, fast and popular.

To begin with, download Windows 7 password retriever free and run it on any other available computer. And then follow through the following simple tutorial on how to retrieve Windows 7 password with this tool:

Step 1: Create Windows 7 Password Reset Disk with Windows 7 Password Retriever

1. Prepare a blank cd/dvd or usb flash drive and insert it into the computer where your recently-downloaded Windows 7 password retrieve runs.

2. Choose your cd/dvd or usb flash that you wants it be burned as Windows 7 password reset disk, and click "Burn". And wait for the process to be completed.

Step 2: Set BIOS to Boot from Windows 7 Password Reset Disk.

1. In order to boot your computer from the disk, it's necessary to set BIOS:

1). After you have booted your computer, press "F2", "Delete" or "F10", etc to enter into BIOS set up.

2). Switch over to "Boot" item to change your boot order, choose hard drive if you want to set set BIOs boot from USB drive or choose CD-ROM Drive to set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD.

3). Locate and choose "Save and Exit" to save previous changes. And then click "Yes" to confirm the setup.

2. Insert your newly created Windows 7 password reset disk to your locked computer and restart it to begin to retrieve Windows 7 password. The Windows 7 password reset disk will start to initialize:

3. Choose the target system, if you have only installed one operating system, simply click "Next" to continue.

4. Choose the administrator you wish to retrieve password for and click "Next".

5. Wait for a few minutes for the program to retrieve Windows 7 administrator password for you. And then click "Reboot" to restart your computer. And you are able to login to your computer without password.

With Windows 7 password retriever, you can prevent this kind of situation from happening again.

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