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How to Password Protect Your Windows 7 Computer

2014-08-21 17:23:45 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 7 Tips
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Still leave your Windows 7 PC without password protect? Afraid of someone accessing your PC folders, files, applications etc. without your permission? Now it's time to create a Windows 7 logon password. Adding password protection to your Windows 7 computer is the simplest way to protect your computer and prevent anyone else from logging into your account.

How to Password Protect Windows 7 on Computer?

There are two situations you may get into: create a password to protect Windows 7 files while you login and create a new account to password protect Window 7 while you are locked out. Now let's see the details.

Situation 1: Password Protect Windows 7 While You Login?

If you have access to your computer, it is very easy to create a password to protect Windows 7. Just take the steps below:

Situation 2: Create a New Account to Password Protect Window 7 While Locked Out?

Forgot Windows 7 password and can't sign in your computer? If you're afraid that some would use your previous account and password, you need to create a new one. It seems infeasible to create a user account for Windows 7 without logging into your computer, but Windows Password Recovery Tool can help you realize this password-protection dream. It is the top-tier Windows password recovery software to let you reset or change forgotten local or domain password and set up new local or domain user account to password protect Windows 7.

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Tips for Strong Password to Protect Windows 7

You are strongly recommended to create a strong password to prevent unauthorized people from assessing your computer in Windows 7. A strong password contains the following features:

If you forgot Windows 7 password, you can try Windows Password Recovery Tool to help you remove/move password protection on Windows 7.

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How to Password Protect Windows 7 on Computer