Windows 8 Black Screen

How to Fix Black Screen on Windows 8

2013-09-09 02:15:09 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Windows 8 Tips
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Top 2 Methods to repair Windows 8 black screen issues

Windows 8 turns to black screen upon boot? Or when computer wakes from sleep, you just get a black screen? It makes one frustrated if you are playing Windows 8 and only end up with black screen with nothing you can do. is there anyway can fix Windows 8 black screen of death and make computer boot correctly?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. And the article below will walk you through the steps you can take to troubleshoot Windows 8 black screen.

Method 1. Safe Mode

The first method you can try is Safe Mode in Windows 8. It takes great time and has no internet. But it is worth a try if you can get into Safe Mode.

Method 2. Repair Black Screen on Windows 8 with Windows Boot Genius

If Safe Mode is useless with no effects, we suggest you try Windows Boot Genius, the powerful Windows 8 boot black screen repair software. It allows you to create Windows 8 bootable CD/DVD or USB drive and retrieve boot files, registry, etc.

Three Simple Steps to Fix Black Screen

Step 1. Create a Windows 8 Start up CD/DVD or USB Drive (Take USB drive for example)

Download Win 8 black screen repair utility and install it in any accessible Windows computer. This program runs well in all Windows platforms. Run the program, in the main interface, choose USB drive and then click "Burn" button to burn iso bootable file to USB which you have plugged into computer in advance.

windows 8 black screen

Step 2. Set Computer to Boot from USB Drive

Insert USB drive to black screen computer and press "F12" or "Delete" to get to BIOS mode. Here, identify your computer to boot from USB drive.

black screen on windows 8

Step 3. Repair Black Screen Computer

After you successfully get into the WinPE environment, you will see Windows Boot Genius icon. Click it to run the program. In the Home screen, choose "Windows Rescue" menu and enter "Crash before loading bar" center to repair Windows 8 black screen of death computer with tools provided there one by one.

win 8 black screen

  • Tool 1. Boot File Recovery: To repair corrupted or missing boot.ini file.
  • Tool 2. MBR Recovery: To recover crashed MBR if you come across messages like: Hard disk boot failure, Invalid partition table, etc.
  • Tool 3. Boot Sector Recovery: To repair damaged or corrupted boot sector.
  • Tool 4. Disk Check: To repair bad sectors affecting these system files loading, etc.

Purchase Windows Boot Genius to fix Windows problems:

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