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I Lost My Windows 8 Password - Can I Do Anything?

2012-12-28 07:49:30 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Tips
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Lost windows 8 password


Well, I've been there too. Don't panic, there are a few steps you could follow through before you claim you lost Windows 8 password. Trust me, I lost Windows 8 password once. Just do the as following:

If you still are unable to get access into your computer. You can now try to call back the lost Windows 8 password. Ask yourself a couple of questions:

What about now? All efforts proved futile? Don't worry. Ask yourself if you've ever done any of the following things:

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Did I Create Another Accessible Admin Account?

If yes, you can sign in the computer through another admin account and easily reset the lost Windows 8 password. Of course, this will be useless if you created only your present lost Windows 8 login password. Just skip this part.

Did I Create a Picture Password or PIN in Windows 8?

If so, try them after the Windows 8 administrator password says incorrect. If not, jump to the next step.

You are not at your wits' end right now. It's time for you to resort to third-party software-Lost Windows 8 Password recovery(Windows Password Recovery Tool). It has gained great popularity among most computer users. It's able to recover lost Windows 8 administrator password/lost Windows 8 user password for both local account and Microsoft account. It's easy to operate with only 3 simple steps:

With the help of this software, you can recover your lost Windows password for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, etc.

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I Lost My Windows 8 Password - Can I Do Anything?