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2 Easy Ways to Bypass Windows 8 Password

2013-09-09 01:15:09 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Tips
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For Data Security, We May Change Windows 8 Login Password Reguarly.

One said: I've newly upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 to have a taste of all the new features and experience it brings about. Unfortunately, I forgot my Windows 8 login password and was unable to get through the start screen. How can I bypass windows 8 login password?

Another said: It's such a waste of time that I have to enter a Windows 8 password every time to sign in to my computer , is there anything I can do to bypass Windows 8 start screen so that it can login automatically? Like permanently?

Unlike the previous editions of Windows, Windows 8 is more security alert in setting passwords. During the installation you're required to set an admin password so that you can get access to your computer, besides the traditional text-based password, picture password and PIN are also introduced. Therefore, forgetting Windows 8 password becomes quite a usual thing.

We'll discuss from 2 aspects on how to bypass Windows 8 password.

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Scenario 1: Bypass Windows 8 Password via CMD to Automatically Sign in

Under such circumstance, we can perform Windows 8 password bypass from command prompt. Here's how:

Now you don't need to enter username and password every time you log into Windows 8.

Scenario 2: With Tool to Bypass Windows 8 Login Password If Forgot Password

If you want to bypass Windows 8 password because you forgot it, you can resort to Windows password bypass software. Windows Password Recovery Tool allows you to bypass Windows 8 admin or user password.

It's no doubt the best option for you to bypass Windows 8 administrator password. It's also compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP, etc.

Here's how:

With the best method provided by Windows Password Recovery Tool, we don't have to rack our brain any more!

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2 Easy Ways to Bypass Windows 8 Password