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Forgot Windows 8.1 Password? Top 5 Methods to Reset Windows 8.1 Password

2014-10-30 10:12:14 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Tips
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Windows 8.1, as the update of Windows 8, fixes many of the perceived problems of the first version but still doesn't have the login password reset problem totally solved. So what if forgot password to log on Windows 8.1 or you lost password after Windows 8.1 update? In this article, we list top 4 handy methods for how to reset 8.1 password. Read on please.

Method 1: Use Windows Password Recovery to Reset Password when Forgot Windows 8.1 Local Admin Password

Windows Password Recovery Tool is a stand-out Windows 8.1 password reset tool that doesn't rely on any previously-created password reset disk or require to login as the administrator. You can easily and securely reset your password no matter you can't remember password for local account or Microsoft account. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes with nearly 100% success rate guaranteed.

Windows Password Recovery now fully supports various brands of desktops, laptops including Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Lenovo, ASUS, etc. It will be a great helper when you forgot windows 8.1 administrator password or local password. (You can read about more details about administrator password recovery Windows 8.1/8 here.)

Method 2: Use Previously-Created Password Reset Disk When Forgot Windows 8.1 Password

This method requires you have a password reset disk created before you forgot password to login Windows 8.1.  (Learn about how to create Windows password reset disk.)

Method 3: Use another Admin Account to Reset Password When Forgot Windows 8.1 Password

If you forgot windows 8.1 local password, you can use another admin account to recover forgotten Windows 8.1 password. Turn toWindows Password Recovery tool if you don't have another admin account.

Method 4: Use Command Prompt to Reset Password When Forgot Windows 8.1 Password

If you can sign into your Windows 8.1 using another admin account, you can also hack windows 8.1 password using cmd command prompt. Go back to Windows Password Recovery tool if you don't have another admin account.

Method 5: Contact Microsoft to Recover Forgotten Microsoft Account

Windows 8.1 alllows you to log in with different accounts, you can set a Microsoft Account as logon password. But if you lost or forgot Microsoft Account, Microsoft provides ways to reset Windows 8.1 password and get the locked and hacked account back for free.

Now we have introduced top 5 handy methods for you to recover lost 8.1 password. Hope it helps and feel free to leave your comment if any questions.

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