How to Automatically Login to Windows 8 without Password

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Entering password every time you login to Window 8 is really time-consuming if you are home user or just single user of your computer. Let alone makes you crazy when you found that you forgot this password and be locked of your computer. When the login password is unnecessary for you, is there any way to login Windows 8 without password?

Of course, you can easily login Windows 8 without entering password if you follow our suggestions and instructions. Here we list 3 ways for Window 8 login without password: User Accounts Control Panel, Command Prompt, and Windows Password Reset.

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Way 1: Using User Accounts Control Panel If you can Login in Windows

User Account Control Panel is a common used way to bypass Windows 8 login password while logged in. Via this method you can easily bypass Windows 8 login screen and automatically sign in to Windows 8 without a password.

From the Start screen, enter "netplwiz" without quotes.

  • Click User Accounts Control Panel, appears in the search results in the left pane.
  • In the User Accounts Control Panel, select the account you wish to use to log in automatically.
  • Uncheck "user must enter user name and password to use this computer", then click "ok". login windows 8 without password

Way 2: Using Command Prompt

Command Prompt is a common used way to disable Windows 8 login password when you forgot your password but can login with another administrator account. (If you forgot your password and have no other accounts, refer to Windows Password Recovery Tool for help.)

  • Press "Win Key+R" and enter "cmd" in the "Run" command box and hit enter to open command prompt.
  • Type the command "net user UserName *", in the command prompt and hit "Enter". Then the password of this user account will be removed instantly and you can login Windows 8 with no password. login windows 8 without entering password

Way 3: Using Windows Password Recovery Tool

Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool is widely used to remove forgotten administrator/user password to login Windows 8 by burning a boot password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive and fully compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

To get started, free download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool in a workable computer.

  • Insert a CD/DVD disk or USB flash to the workable computer, and then create a password reset disk either with Quick Recovery or Advanced Recovery Wizard. windows password recovery tool
  • Take out the password reset disk and insert it into your locked computer. You have to set BIOS to reboot your locked computer from the CD/DVD or USB. If your computer with Windows 8 preinstalled uses UEFI, you should disable UEFI Secure Boot firstly.
  • Now Windows Password Recovery Tool appears on your screen. Follow the wizard to remove Windows 8 login password. You can't remove the Microsoft account directly, but reset it.
  • windows password recovery tool

By any of the three ways, you can easily access Windows 8 without password. But if you forgot your password and have no other admin account, try Windows Password Recovery Tool directly to remove Windows 8 login password with 100% guarantee.

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