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How to Use & Add Virtual Desktop on Windows 10

Mar. 04, 2015 10:25 am / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 10 Tips
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Despite of Start button’s coming back, Windows 10 has more improvements and surprises for us. In other versions of Windows, there is only one desktop. But you may have heard a lot about Windows 10’s virtual desktop feature. So in this article we will pay more attention to introducing how to use and add virtual desktop on Windows 10.

Note: Before you enter to use your virtual desktop on Windows 10, make sure you have the full access to your Windows 10 OS. If you unfortunately forgot the login password, try to recover the lost password first.

I: How to Add Virtual Desktop on Windows 10

Way 1: Add virtual desktop through Task view

Way 2: Add new virtual desktop by composite key

II: Other Tips on Using Desktop on Windows 10

1. Switch to Next/Previous Desktop

If you want to switch to the next or previous desktop from the current one without going through the multi-task view, hit Windows + Ctrl + left / Right arrow key.

how to use virtual desktop on windows 10

2. Close Current Desktop

You can close the desktop using now without having to open the multip-task view. This shortcut closes the current desktop and will switch you over to the next one. It also closes the apps you currently have open on that desktop.

how to use virtual desktop on windows 10

3. Open New Virtual Desktop

If you need to open new virtual desktop, you don’t have to open the multi-task view to create a new desktop. Adding the Ctrl modifier and using Windows + Ctrl + D will open a new desktop and switch you to it directly.

how to use virtual desktop on windows 10

This is all for the use of virtual and normal desktop. If you have any other questions, or you have other info to add, please comment below this article.

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Use & Add Virtual Desktop on Windows 10