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Top 4 Methods to Recover/Retrieve Forgotten Windows 10 Login Password

Oct. 14, 2014 10:52 am / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 10 Tips
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Windows 10 is smarter than ever! It walks back some jarring changes of Windows 8, including the return of the Start menu while also adding multitasking enhancements that will appeal to those who use touchscreen devices as well as PCs. Smarter as it is, sometimes you still can't avoid forgetting the login password.

So what to do if you unfortunately forgot Windows 10 login password? There are a number of roads you can take when you need to recover Windows 10 password. Here we list the top 4 methods to recover forgotten Windows 10 password.

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Method 1: Recover Lost Windows 10 Password with Password Hint

If you created a password hint when setting up a password for your admin account, this hint will help you remember the password if you forgot or lost it. The password hint will display when you enter the wrong forgotten Windows 10 password.

recover windows 10 admin password

Method 2: Recover Windows 10 Login Password with Password Reset Wizard

Microsoft will prompts you to create a password reset disk after you set the account password. This password reset disk will be a handy tool to retrieve the login password to your Windows 10 PC. (Want to recover Windows 10 password without reset disk? Skip to method 3.)

Here is how to:

Method 3: Recover Windows 10 Forgotten Password Using Command Prompt

If you can sign into your Windows 10 using another admin account, you can also reset password to login to Windows 10 free from the command prompt.

Method 4: Recover Windows 10 Administrator Password with Windows Password Recovery Tool

Neither of methods above work for you? Don't despair. Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool is an outstanding Windows 10 password reset tool that doesn't rely on any previously-created password reset disk or require to login as the administrator. It can easily retrieve Windows 10 local password as well as reset Microsoft account password in Windows 10.

Now follow steps below to perform Windows 10 password recovery:

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Now you have a clear idea about how to recover Windows 10 password. You can find that retrieving login password for your Windows 10 PC is not as difficult as you think.

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool :

Size: 53.9MB
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Top 4 Methods to Recover Forgotten Windows 10 Login Password