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Top 3 Ways to Recover Acer Windows Laptop After Password Forgot

December 12, 2016 13:26:15 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Password
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"I can't remember my Acer laptop login password!!! How to rescue the computer? It's really a long story but now I am locked out of this Windows 7 laptop on account of password forgot. Some of my friends suggest me to factory reset it. I am afraid that I will lose data when I factory reset it. That is not I would like to see. Therefore, if you can give more ideas, it will be better. Wait for your response. Thanks in advance."

What to do when you forgot Acer laptop Windows 10/8/7 password? Some people may suggest you to factory reset it, some people may recommend Windows recovery disk, while others, present the Windows password recovery tool to you. Therefore, in order to know them well, we will collect the means in details and share them with you in this article.

Way 1: Recover Acer Windows Laptop with Factory Reset

There is a program named eRecovery Management in Acer laptop. You can use it to restore Acer to factory default settings. And it is worth mentioning that your Acer disk partition can't be damaged if you would like to use this eRecovery program. Now let's see how to use it as below.

Way 2: Restore Acer with Windows 10/8/7 System Recovery Disk

Acer system recovery disc is a another way to restore computer when you forgot Windows login password. While using this method, you need to prepare a CD or DVD-ROM. Otherwise, you have to connect external optical drive. Remember that you can get this system recovery disk when you buy the Microsoft Windows 10/8/7 system. Now you can see the simple guide as following.

Way 3: Reset Acer with Windows Password Recovery Tool

Is there only 2 solutions when we forgot Windows login password? Of course not! Except those methods, we can also make use of Windows Password Recovery Tool to deal with password problem. This is a renowned program to unlock password when you lost Windows local or Microsoft account login password in your computer. You can see how to use it from the next paragraph.

In fact, no matter what method it is, as long as it is able to cope with your Acer laptop password forgot problem resoundingly, it is a good and practical solution for the reference. Thus, now just follow your heart and have a try!

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How to Recover Acer Windows Laptop After Password Forgot