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Windows 9 Release Date, New Features and Rumors

2014-03-04 09:31:27 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to News
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windows 9 rumors

Windows 8.1 launched to the general public in October but it is still not will successful only running on only 25 million PCs. To convince Windows XP and Windows 7 users to abandon older version, it is said that Microsoft will unveil Windows 9, codenamed "Threshold" sooner than expected. Speculation approaches of what the former CEO, Steve Ballmer said at BUILD conference in June 2013.

"We are heading towards a rapid release cycle. Quick Launches! Transitioned from a software company to a company that builds software, devices and services. The only way we can do this is to adopt a faster pace of product launches. This is fundamental to our business and we need to mobilize."

When will Microsoft Preview Windows 9?

Microsoft will give a preview of Threshold at its Build developer conference in April 2014. According to WinSuperSite, Microsoft plans to discuss its "vision for the future of Windows" at Build, which includes touching upon Windows 9 Threshold.

When will Microsoft Public Release Windows 9?

It is said that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 9 Threshold to the general public in April 2015.

What are Some Rumored features of Windows 9?

Microsoft hasn't confirmed anything about Windows 9, but some of the Windows 9 features have been rumored for a long time.

"Mini" Start Menu to Back

Desktop users have long wished Microsoft can bring back the traditional Start Menu. Although Microsoft brought back the Start button with Windows 8.1–but we have yet to see the familiar Windows Start menu .According to WinSuperSite, Microsoft will implement two key user-interface changes in Windows 9 Threshold. The second of these features is a "mini" Start Menu.

Metro Apps on Your Desktop

In the next version of Windows, you may be able to run "float" Metro-style/Windows Store apps on the desktop. Users will have the option to run Metro apps "in floating windows on the desktop". WinSuperSite reported that Windows 9 Threshold will include Metro 2.0. Microsoft plans to mature and fix Metro, as well as make it a "major focus area of Threshold".

More Unified Windows

Windows 9 Threshold will be a more Unified Windows operation. The Threshold update will reportedly include updates to three major platforms: the Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone. Thus, Windows 9 Threshold will be a operating systems we'll see across Windows-based phones, laptops, tablets and Xbox gaming consoles.

Improved Metro User Interface

The next version of Windows may bring some favorable changes to the tiled UI. Rumors have that Microsoft plans to mature and fix Metro, as well as make it a "major focus area of Threshold".

So far the details of Windows 9 Threshold are still not very clear. We will continue to follow Windows 9's latest news.

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