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Samsung Galaxy Grand-The Only Dual SIM Android Phone with a 5-inch Display

2013-02-26 08:47:50 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to News
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Samsung is very good at bringing freshness to the consumer, and the Samsung Galaxy Grand is yet another telling example, it's by far the only dual SIM Android phone with a 5-inch screen, which bears a strong resemblance to the Note 2. It's both good and bad, on one hand, it can be easily mistaken for the Note 2 which could help attract much attention to it, on the other hand, it's bad, mostly because it may be not able to profit on the huge accessory ecosystem as much as the Note 2 enjoys. Now, let's take a close look the Samsung Galaxy Grand.

Samsung Galaxy Grand

Samsung Galaxy Grand specifications



Low resolution and lack of NFC

Samsung Galaxy Grand Price:

Country Price
USA $800
India Rs44500
Uk £529
Canada $800CAD
Japan 80,430 Yen
Dubai 2950 United Arab Emirates Dirham

Wrap up:

Samsung Galaxy Grand is a great choice for budget users, although with a low resolution, its upsides can largely make up for it, therefore, it's still not a bad investment. And if you want to pick a brand, resort to HTC Desire SV.

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