Rumor: iPhone 5S will Debut in June in 3 Colors

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The launch of iPad Mini has given big surprise to people, so it seems that it is unpredictable to make a prophetic common on Apple's products launch date. Still, rumors about its next generation, the iPhone 5S, go the rounds and arouse big speculation.
iphone 5s dubut in june in 3 colors

The most interesting rumor about iPhone 5S is its release date. According to a report on Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 5S will go for production this quarter. Another illogical rumor also said the iPhone 5S should be launched on June 29.

The latest note is from Jefferies & Co's analyst Peter Misek, who has recently visited Apple's Asian suppliers. He predicted that iPhone 5S would debut in June this year. What should be noted is that Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is also being held during the same month. Therefore, this mantic release date seems to be logical.

Will there be more choices of colors for the new iPhone? Rumors about new colors into iPhone 5S have also sprung up. Citing a "trusted source", Japanese blog Mac Otakara reports that the new iPhone will hit Apple store shelves in 3 colors, adding one color to Apple's usual black and white variants. It is not clear what the added color is, but adding a new color is certainly a big surprise for fans, considering the rainbow variety of iPods on sale in Apple stores. It hard to guess what the color would be, but it is sure that Apple would go with a "non-color" that is popular with other phone manufactures and it will commit to a specific one.

Apple is highly expected to release an entry-level of the iPhone to compete with cheap Android models. Rumor said that the less expensive unit fiberglass and plastic in order to shave build material costs and the low-cost iPhone version will boast the same design as the previous one, incliding iPhone 5 with the handset's 4-inch screen. If you have already got an iPhone 5, or an iPhone 4S, you may get some points about the design of iPhone 5S in advance.

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