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Rumors about iPhone 6 release date have gone the rounds and many fans have high expectations on the new Apple's product. Let's see what the main iPhone 6 features have been being talked about.
ios 7 of apple to be delayed

What Features Will the iPhone 6 Have?

Apple iPhone 6 features may include many aspects. The following part will list some of the hot-talked features of new iPhone 6.

1. The iPhone 6 will do NFC.

According to the analyst Peter Misek in Jefferies, iPhone 6 will have a better battery too.

2. The iPhone 6 will run iOS 7.

Developers are seeing new iPhone model identifiers in their server logs. The device identifies itself as the iPhone 6 and its IP address also belongs to Apple. This suggests that Apple is going to unveil the next major revision of iOS at WWDC.

3. The storage will be much bigger.

With the iPad containing a 128GB storage, people are highly expected to see a 128 GB iPhone 6.

4. The processor will be a quad-core A7.

Many said that the current processor is a dual-core A6, so it is most likely to bring a quad-core A7 for the iPhone 6. The bigger processor is more powerful to strengthen the battery.

5. The camera is optimized.

Users will experience a new, 13-megapicel sensor of camera which takes up less room without compromising image quality.

6. The eye-tracking tech will be set in.

Many vendors, like Samsung, have made big movement on eye-tracking tech, and it is sure that Apple will deliver a motion tech in the iPhone 6.

7. Wi-Fi in iPhone 6 will be 802.11ac.

As Apple's Airport have really helped make Wi-Fi mainstream, analysts said it is sure for Apple to put the ultra-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi in iPhone 6.

8. The wireless charging is more efficient.

CP Tech reports that Apple has filed a patent for efficient wireless charging and Apple's tech wouldn't just charge one device, but multiple ones.

9. The screen in iPhone 6 will differ from previous ones.

It is reported that Apple would introduce two handset sizes as it seeks to compete with the plethora of Android device now on the market. Reports also suggest that Apple will release multiple handsets throughout the year over and above the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.Other rumors also said that an ultra-sensitive transparent touchscreen will make into iPhone 6.

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