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Dell Latitude Laptops Won't Power on – How to Fix It?

Dec. 02, 2014 10:28 am / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Computer Help
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Dell Latitude is a laptop family from Dell computers which are intended for business use. Due to its excellent configuration, good heat dissipation and reasonable price, it has successfully occupied a very big share of the market. However, no matter how high-performance Latitude is, you still might fail to log into it because of BSOD, forgotten password, "Dell Latitude won't turn on" and so on. Here we take "Dell Latitude won't start up" as an example.

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1. Dell Latitude E6420/E6410/D600/D610/D620/D630 Can't Boot up For:

2. How to Fix "My Dell Latitude Won't Turn on" Problem

In Dell Community and Yahoo Answers, we can see many posts about "Dell Latitude laptop won't boot up". If you are one of them, you can try the following two ways to tackle reboot your Dell Latitude notebook.

No.1: Try a Hard Start

The first method is that members post to solve the problem "Dell Latitude can't start" in Dell Community and Yahoo Answers. Follow the steps below:

No.2: Boot Unbootable Dell Latitude with Windows Boot Genius

If the No.1 way doesn't work, you'd better use a Windows boot disk (Windows Boot Genius) to help you. This professional program can create a bootable disk to help you boot Dell Latitude notebook that is stuck in black screen of death, blue screen of death, crashing, freezing, restarting loop, or other boot errors.

Download Windows Boot Genius full version and install it on a workable computer.

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Dell Latitude Won't Power on
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