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2 Easy Methods to Turn off Windows 8 Password Instantly

2013-11-15 10:42:14 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Tips
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Entering the username and password each and every time when you logon the widows 8 is really troublesome? Forgetting password to login and want to turn off Window 8 password startup to regain the access to your PC? It is quite easy to turn off sign in password in Windows 8 following suggestions and instructions below. Choose either of the two according to your situation.

Method 1: Know Windows 8 Login Password, How to Turn it off?
Method 2: Forgot or Lost Windows 8 Password, How to Disable the Password?

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Method 1: Turn off Windows 8 Password While Logged in

If you are home user or just single user of your computer then the login password seems unnecessary. It is quite easy to disable password to login Windows 8 if you know the current login password. Want to shut off password at startup Windows 8? Refer to Method 2 for help.

Method 2: Turn off Lost or Forgotten Windows 8 Password

Forgot Windows 8 password and now want to turn off windows 8 password login. You can simply remove Windows 8 login password with a Windows Password Recovery Tool. It allows you to disable login password Windows 8 by burning a boot password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive and currently supports various brands of desktops, laptops, tablet PCs and server, including Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Lenovo, ASUS, etc. You can't direclty remove Windows 8 Microsoft account password, but reset it.

To get started, free download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool in a workable computer.

Turning off Windows 8 password is quite easy, right? Just follow method 1 to turn off Windows 10/8.1/8/7 password while logged in and use Windows Password Recovery Tool to disable forgotten Windows 8 password easily.

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool :

Size: 53.9MB
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