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Windows 10 Password Is Incorrect? How to Solve

Mar. 19, 2015 02:52 pm / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 10 Tips
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“My Windows 10 password is incorrect, how to do?”

With unknown reason, you see the reminder of “The username and password is incorrect” for Windows 10. And you are locked out of your Windows PC. When upgrade into Windows 10, you fail to log in your PC? So how to solve the Windows 10 says password incorrect problem? How to redeem the access of your files and data which are stored in your Windows 10 computer? Keep reading this article and check the top 4 ways to solve Windows 10 password incorrect after upgrade problem.

Top 1: Use Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool

Windows 10 Password Recovery can be used under any situations; even you are a greenhand of computer. Without any other prior skills or requirements, you can reset the Windows 10 login password in a few clicks.

Walk through the following instructions:

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Top 2: Use Created Password Reset Disk

Another simple and effective way to reset forgotten Windows 10 password is to use the Microsoft password reset disk. Often Microsoft allows you to create a password reset disk after you set the account password. This disk can be used when you lost your Windows account password. Just follow the instructions to use it:

Top 3: Make Educated Guess

You can have a guess of your forgotten Windows 10 login password. Passwords are mostly created by your inspiration in your life. Try to guess your password with following clues:

Top 4: Reinstall Your Windows 10

You would not want to choose this rudest way for accessing your PC without password. However, if you choose this clean install of Windows 10, you will definitely lose all of your files and data in your PC.

Choose anyone from these top 4 methods and get your correct password back in Windows 10. Windows 10 Password Recovery is still recommended first for you.

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Windows 10 Password Incorrect