How to Reset Surface Pro 3 without Password

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"Microsoft Surface Pro 3 can be rolled back to factory settings without requiring a password. This comes in handy when you’ve forgotten your login password. You can reset from the log-on screen and decide if you want to keep your files or discard them, as is the case with virus infections. Another option is restoring with a USB recovery drive. This article will explain different techniques to reset Surface Pro 3 without password."

Part 1: Factory Reset Techniques to Remove Surface Password

1. Logon Screen Surface Pro 3 Reset

Switch on the tablet to the logon screen. Press and hold the shift key on the type cover then tap the power icon and select restart.

restart while pressing shift

If your Surface Pro doesn’t have a type case, tap the ease of access button and open the on-screen keyboard. The device will restart and display the choose an option window. Select troubleshoot and then reset your PC. Decide whether to keep or remove files.

2. Sign in with Built-in Administrator

On the logon screen, check to see if the built-in administrator account is enabled. Open the administrator account which will log you in as an administrator.

administrator login

Press Win + X or type cmd in the “Run” command box to open Command Prompt. Type the following line in Command Prompt: cd restore then press Enter. After this, type in rstrui.exe and hit Enter. The System Restore window will open; click next to restore Surface Pro 3 without logging in. The next window shows available restore points; choose one and click next to restore the tablet to an earlier date and time.

choose recovery file

Click yes on the confirmation window to perform a system restore. It is good practice to create restore points for easier recovery when something goes wrong.

3. Surface Pro 3 USB Recovery Drive Factory Reset

A recovery image is another way to reset the tablet and bypass a forgotten password. For this technique, a USB Flash Drive of at least 8 GB is required. Download the recovery image for Surface Pro 3 from the Microsoft support website. The serial number is on the back of the tablet. Format the USB drive with FAT32 and extract the recovery image zip file to the root path. Switch off to the Surface Pro 3 and insert the USB flash drive. Press both the volume-down button and power button at the same time. Immediately the Surface logo appears, quickly release the volume-down button which will launch into the recovery environment.

volume and power buttons

Select troubleshoot under choose an option screen. Go ahead and click reset your PC and follow the instructions to perform a factory reset.

Part 2: Unlock Surface Pro 3 Password without System Resetting

It is possible to execute a Surface Pro 3 password removal procedure without resetting the tablet. Windows Password Recovery Tool is a Windows password recovery solution that can be used in case of forgotten passwords, someone changing your password, buying a locked computer or forgetting Microsoft account information. Follow these steps to remove Windows password from Surface Pro 3 using Windows Password Recovery tool.

1. Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool in another accessible computer and choose the USB drive option from dropdown menu.

2. Click on burn to burn the password reset disk onto the USB Flash Drive. When prompted that the USB flash drive will be formatted, click Yes.

windows password recovery tool

3. Wait for the program to finish formatting the USB drive and extracting the ISO files into the USB Drive. It will take a minute or less.

4. Click OK to finish the process.

5. Insert the USB flash drive into the Surface Pro 3 tablet and wait for the password removal process to complete.

reset surface pro password

6. Restart the tablet with the recovered password.

The advantage of using Windows Password Recovery Tool is that you don’t have to reset, restore or reinstall the OS. All these activities can lead to losing personal files and programs and Windows Password Recovery Tool avoids that.

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