Forgot Password to Login to Windows 8/8.1? How to Reset it

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Forgot the administrator password to login to Windows 8/8.1? Microsoft account password was lost but Microsoft online password reset ( can’t help you change the password? Here I’d like to share three ways that I usually use to reset Windows 8 /8.1 password for myself and my friends.

No.1: Reset/Change Windows 8/8.1 Local Account and Microsoft Account Password with Bootable USB

The bootable USB I recommend here is different from the one created with Password Reset Wizard. To be accurate, it is a professional Windows Password Recovery Tool (Windows Password Recovery Tool). It is a bootable disk which can be burned when your Windows 8/8.1 gets locked. What you need is a normally workable computer, a blank USB flash drive, and Windows Password Recovery Tool 6.0 full version. Then get down to the detailed steps on how to change Windows 8 Microsoft account and local account password when Windows 8/8.1 forgot password.

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Warm Prompt: Two versions of Windows Password Recovery Tool are advised here:

  • 1. Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard -- the Cheapest but only support reset/recover/remove Windows 8 local (admin and standard) password
  • 2. Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate -- More expensive but can reset Windows 8 Microsoft and Local account password.

    Step 1.

  • The ultimate version of this program has two modes to burn bootable USB for Windows 8.1/8 password reset (default ISO image and Advanced Recovery Wizard). Select one, and then insert the blank USB into the workable computer and click “Burn”.
  • how to reset windows 8 password windows 8.1 forgot password

    Step 2.

  • Insert the newly burned bootable USB into the locked Windows 8 computer and change the BIOS sequence to boot from USB.
  • Note:

    • 1. If the locked PC is preinstalled with Windows 8/8.1 and uses UEFI, you should disable UEFI secure boot before setting the BIOS.
    • 2. If the locked Windows 8/8.1 computer was upgraded from Windows 7 or lower OS, you can directly set the BIOS to boot it from USB flash drive.

    Step 3.

  • Select Windows installation > tick “Reset your password”> Next > Select the account you need to reset password of (here you can Remove the password to automatically login to Windows 8/8.1) > Next.
  • windows 8 admin password reset

    Step 4.

  • Click “Reboot” to reset Windows 8 login password.

No.2: Reset Windows 8/8.1 Login Password with Password Reset Disk Previously Created via Password Reset Wizard

For local account, when you set password to protect it, you can create a password reset disk with Password Reset Wizard to save password information so that you can use it to reset forgotten password. If you did it before your Windows 8/8.1 forgot password, you can use it to help you gain access to your Windows PC now.

Note: This can only be applied to Windows 8 admin password reset and standard password. If you want to change forgotten password for Microsoft account, I suggest you turn back to No. 1 way.

my windows 8 forgot password
  • Step 1. Plug the previously-created password reset disk into your locked Windows 8 PC.
  • Step 2. Type anything in the Password box and hit “Enter”. Then you can see “Reset password” link shows up. Click it.
  • Step 3. When you see Password Reset Wizard window appears, click “Next” to continue.
  • Step 4. Type a new password and retype it to confirm the password change. And you can set a password hint now. Then click on “Next” to proceed.
  • reset windows 8 password usb

No.3: Reset Forgotten Windows 8/8.1 Password with Command Prompt (cmd)

This is another way that you can use to access your Windows 8/8.1 when you lost the login password. But different from Windows 8 password reset USB, this way has rigid limitations. You must have enabled Windows 8/8.1‘s built-in administrator account before you forgot your account’s password or you have another account with admin privilege to login to the Windows 8/8.1. If you have, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Log into your Windows 8/8.1 with the administrator account.
  • Step 2. Press “Windows +R” to open “Run” box (“Windows” button is between Ctrl and Alt). Then type “cmd” to enter into Command Prompt.
  • Step 3. Type “net user Username new password” in Command Prompt.
  • windows 8 password reset usb

No matter which way you choose, once the password is reset successfully, you can access your Windows 8/8.1 normally.

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