Top 3 Tools to Reset Samsung Series 9 Password in Windows 8.1/8/7

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With its fast start-up function, a long-lasting battery and an impressive boot-up time, Samsung Series 9 becomes quite popular throughout the world. However, for some reasons you may forget the login password to your Samsung Series 9. At this moment, what should you do to reset Samsung Series 9 laptop password if you want to regain your access? Here we will share with you 3 useful Samsung Series 9 password reset tools.

Top 1: Windows Password Recovery Tool

Want to reset forgotten Samsung Series 9 password quickly and effortlessly? Want to avoid data loss after password crack? Then Windows Password Recovery Tool will be a fantastic choice. This versatile Windows password recovery software can easily reset Samsung Series 9 administrator password as well as other local user passwords.

Pros: four editions meeting different user's needs; no data damages; compatible to all Windows operating systems; reset password quickly and efficiently; 100% recovery rate; support all Samsung Series 9 models including 900X3C-A0A, 900X4C-A04, 900X4C-A03, 900X3C-A05, 900X3C-A04, 900X4C-A01, 900X3C-A01, etc. as well as other brands of computer.

Cons: not free (but really worth)

How to use:

Before retrieving the lost password, you are required to download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool on a workable computer.

  • Launch the software. Then insert a blank CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive into the available computer, and click Burn to create a bootable disk.
  • recover samsung series 9 laptop password
  • Insert the newly-created disk into your locked Samsung Series 9 notebook and change its settings to make it boot from the disk.
  • Then you will be asked to enter the password when you are creating the bootable disk (If you haven't created a password, just skip this step).
  • samsung series 9 password reset tools
  • When the program starts, select the target Windows OS you want to reset password for.
  • reset samsung series 9 administrator password
  • Then you can select the account whose password you want to recover and follow steps remained on the interfaces.
  • reset samsung series 9 notebook password

Top 2: Ophcrack

Ophcrack is an open source program to reset forgotten windows password by using LM hashes through rainbow tables. On most computers, Ophcrack can crack passwords within a few minutes.

Pros: No software installation required

Cons: Recovery limited to 14-character password; could get identified as malware mistakenly; only applied to Windows 7/Vista/XP; not compatible for all computers.

How to use:

  • Download the right version ISO image.
  • reset samsung series 9 password utility
  • Burn it to a writable CD/DVD.
  • reset samsung series 9 user password
  • Insert the newly-created CD to your locked Samsung laptop, set it boot from CD/DVD-ROM.
  • reset samsung series 9 password
  • Then this free program to reset Samsung Series 9 laptop login password will recover password automatically.

Top 3: Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor (ONTP&RE) is also a program to reset login password to Samsung series 9 notebook.

Pros: small ISO image; recover password fast

Cons: steps to reset Samsung Series 9 are rather complicated; cause encrypted files loss; only suitable to Windows 7/Vista/XP

How to use:

  • Download ONTP&RE on a workable computer.
  • Launch the software, set the CD disk creator into "image to disc", then burn the image to the CD.
  • Insert the created disk into your locked Samsung notebook and reboot it.
  • Go through the BIOS and select "Boot Options". Make sure CD-ROM is on the top of the list for boot options.
  • free program to reset samsung series 9 password
  • Once the BIOS boot option is set, save and exit. Your system will boot into your ONTP&RE disc. Software will run, and then press Enter to boot into the ONTP&RE CD.
  • Then you will be asked to select an account. If you hit Enter, it will automatically boot into the administrator account.
  • Select 4 and enter to "Unlock and enable user Account".
  • samsung series 9 password reset tools
  • Then you will be sent back to User Edit Menu, you can type Administrator and select 1 and Enter to clear the user password. Remember to save the changes.
  • reset samsung series 9 password utility

To be honest, ONTP&RE requires some patience and time to finish the password reset process. Can't bear its complexity to reset Samsung Series 9 laptop Windows password and hurry to access your PC? Just try Windows Password Recovery Tool, an easy-handled and time-saving reset Samsung Series 9 password utility.

This article mainly refers to Samsung Series 9 password reset. For other Samsung Series, such as Samsung Series 3 password reset, Samsung Series 5 password reset, or Samsung Series 7 password reset, click here.

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