Top 3 Ways to Reset Samsung Series 3 Laptop Password in Windows 8.1/8/7

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Since 2012, Samsung Series 3 has been a best-selling brand for its great value for the specs, excellent keyboard and touchpad. But when users enjoy it, they will no doubt confront some problems such as forgetting password to Samsung Series3 notebook. Here we list 3 available ways to reset Samsung Series3 password in Windows 8.1/8/7.

Note: Hurry to get into the locked Samsung Series3 laptop, try Windows Password Recovery Tool to reset password Samsung Series3 notebook in part 3 immediately instead of trying those methods one by one.

1. Reset Password on Samsung Series 3 with Windows Administrator Account

Forgot the login password on your Samsung Series3 laptop? Calm down. First you need to check whether there is an administrator account on your PC for an admin account has the right to reset password for other user accounts. If there is and you can log in, follow steps below for Samsung Series3 laptop password reset:

  • Log into your computer with the administrator account. Right-click My Computer to select Manage to enter Computer Management screen.
  • samsung series3 laptop password reset
  • Click Local Users and Groups, choose Users, and right-click the account you want to recover its password, choose Set Password. Type a new password for your locked Samsung Series 3.
  • samsung series3 laptop password reset

2. Reset Password to Login Samsung Series 3 Notebook with a Password Reset Disk Created Before

Have no other users on your Samsung Series3? If you had created a password reset disk when you were setting a password for your account, you can use the disk to retrieve password on Samsung Series 3 easily;

  • Start your computer and type a wrong password, then you will see "Reset password" under the password box.
  • reset samsung series 3 password
  • Before clicking Reset Password, make sure you have inserted the disk into your locked Samsung Series3.
  • Then Password Reset Wizard appears, click "Next".
  • reset password on samsung series 3
  • Type a new password and confirm, and you can choose to create a password hint for your new password.
  • reset samsung series 3 password

3. Unlock Samsung Series3 with Third-party Software

If you are unfortunately the only one user of your locked Samsung Series3 and failed to create a password reset disk as well, then don't hesitate! Move to Windows Password Reset Tool. It can easily get back the password to login Samsung series 3 running Windows 10/8.1/8/7. Next we will show you how to reset password on Samsung Series 3 without losing data via Windows Password Recovery Tool.

Download, install and launch Windows Password Recovery Tool on an accessible computer.

  • Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB to the workable computer and burn Windows Password Recovery Tool to the specified device to create a password reset disk.
  • reset samsung series 3 password
  • Pull out the burned disk and insert it to the locked Samsung Series3, then you need to set BIOS to boot the computer from the disk.
  • After the software initializes, follow steps remained to reset forgotten Samsung Series 3 password.
  • reset samsung series 3 password

Now you have acquired three solutions to Samsung series3 unlock. You needn't to worry any more when you lose Samsung series3 password next time.

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