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Top 4 FAQs on iOS 8: Everything You Need to Know about iOS 8

June 10, 2014 2:15 pm / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to iPhone Tips
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At WWDC 2014, Apple officially revealed the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8. This new OS takes the flat iOS 7 design, and adds some significant new features and tweaks. In this article, we will sum up the top 4 FAQs on iOS 8 helping you get everything you need to know about this new mobile operating system.

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Top 1. Q: When will iOS 8 launch and be available for iOS users?

A: So far, Apple only unveiled a preview of iOS 8's main features and the visual design. Developers can get their hands on iOS 8 right now, but everyone else has to wait a little over three months for the official release date,  which will launch to the public some time in September or October (and most likely alongside the iPhone 6 or iPad 6).

Top2. Q: How to Upgrade to iOS 8?

A: After the iOS 8 is released to the public, your iPad or iPhone (or iPod touch) will alert you to upgrade to iOS 8 with a notification. Or you can go into your device's Settings > General > Software Update - if you're not on the latest version of iOS, you'll be offered the chance to update here.

Top3. Q: Which iOS Devices Will Be Able to Run iOS 8?

A: One of the sad bits of an iOS version update is that an old iPhone, iPad or iPod touch may not be able to harness all the new features, or run the new OS at all. While unveiling the new version od iOS, Apple also announced the compatibility of iOS 8.

Bear in mind, that the devices towards the lower ends of those sets will only get a partial share of the features in iOS 8. It's also possible that they will struggle with performance issues - the iPhone 4 was the oldest iPhone that could run iOS 7, and ran noticeably slowly compared to iOS 6.

Top 4. Q: What New Features are Added in iOS 8?

A: This iOS 8 takes the flat iOS 7 design, and adds some significant new features and tweaks such as the new app HealthKit, the new home-automation system, enhanced Mail and Messages app, etc. for more details about iOS new features, you can read our another article on top 10 new features of iOS 8 that you shouldn't miss.

That's the most frequently asked questions about iOS 8 hoping to help you get everything you need to know about iOS 8.

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Top 4 FAQs on iOS 8