What to Do When Windows Vista Crashes

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windows vista crashes on startup

Windows Vista crashed with blue screen of death.

We may encounter problems like that. When you are playing games or writing crucial papers, the Windows Vista crash screen pops up to you. Being panic and have to reinstall operating system again, but before reinstallation, there is a very good chance that your Windows Vista system is still salvable. What you need to do is finding a good tool. With the right tool, rescuing your computer can be as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

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Part I: How to Fix Crashed Windows Vista

Now, Windows vista keeps crashing. Don't panic. Let's see what caused that happen and how to fix it.

  • 1. Does the crash caused by over-heating? If your operating system crashed because of overheating, please stop using the computer for a whole, and then restart it again to see whether it has the same issue or not.
  • 2. Have your computer been attacked by viruses? If it was attacked by viruses, the operating system file may be infected. And that is the reason why the system got crashed. Regarding to this issue, please use anti-virus to erase viruses completely.
  • 3. Find the right Windows Vista crash repair software to fix the problem directly. You're a lot of great options for this kind of tools. Among all of them I found Windows Boot Genius to be more effective and easier to use. It allows you to make a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive and the interface is quite simple. Here goes about how to use it to repair vista crash dump computer.
  • Step 1. Make a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive with Windows Vista Crashing repair tool. Windows vista crash on startup
  • Step 2. Boot Up crashed computer from the newly created CD/DVD or USB drive instead of the internal drive. windows vista crash black screen
  • Step 3. Fix Windows Vista with the tools included in the software. windows vista crashes randomly

Part II. How to Prevent Windows Vista from Crash?

Whatever the cause of your crashed computer, the best method of holding a smoothly computer is diagnosing your hard drive now and then. Such as: windows vista crashes after startup

  • 1. Check your Windows memory. Use the System Configuration Utility to find out what's starting up with Windows and stop application you don't want to save space. In general, the more free space, the quicker you computer will be.
  • 2. Pay attention to viruses, hackers and spyware all the time. Viruses will ruin system file or delete your files and cause Windows vista crashing issues. Therefore, check with anti-virus program at regular intervals.
  • 3. Defragment your hard drive timely. Rubbish over-crowed vista got easier to crash, so please keep your hard drive clean all the time. This will significant speed up the computer and improve the performance of the machine.

Have you ever encountered crashed Windows Vista window? What software did you use to fix it? Tell us your story of Vista crash blue screen repair victory and woe in the comments.

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