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How to Fix Ntldr is Missing in Windows XP

2012-12-13 18:07:50 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Computer Help
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ntldr missing

NTLDR is the file that regulates the start up procedure. Every time you start up your computer, this file tells your computer to load Windows. "Ntldr is missing, Press Ctrl +Alt + Del to restart" is only a problem on computers that are running Windows XP or higher operating system. As one of three crucial boot files, along with and boot.ini, a missing or corrupted NTLDR may prevent operating system from launching or put you into an endless boot and restart sequence.

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Causes of NTLDR is Missing

NTLDR is Missing may occur if the BIOS on your computer is outdated, or if one or more of the following Windows boot files are missing or damaged:

How to Fix Ntldr is Missing?

Step 1: Create a Bootable CD/DVD/USB

Download this software and install it on a bootable computer. Insert a CD/DVD into your driver (or plug in a USB flash drive into the USB port). Then launch this program, and get the interface like below. This software will check the CD automatically, and you just need to click "Burn". After the bootable CD burning finished, unplug it.

ntldr error

Step 2: Boot Your Computer from CD/DVD/USB

Then turn to the computer that appears Ntldr is missing: insert newly burned CD into this computer, and set your CD drive as the first boot device in BIOS. Press "F10"to save the settings. Then your computer will restart automatically and attempt to boot from the CD you just created.

fix ntldr

Step 3: Fix Ntldr is Missing

When Windows fully loads, double click Windows Boot Genius on the desktop to launch it again. Choose "Windows Rescue"from the main menu and select "Crash before Loading Bar". And try the tools it lists one by one until you can login into Windows normally and never appears Ntldr is missing.

ntldr is missing

How to fix Ntldr is missing on Windows 8? Go to here!

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Fix Ntldr is Missing in Windows XP
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