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5 Ways to Fix Windows 7 Update Stuck

January 17, 2017, 11:00 am / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Computer Helps
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"I am currently running Windows 7 SP1. The other day, an update prompted out to restart my computer to install the updates. But it took far more than 30 minutes and the process still went on. I have restarted my computer numerous times but won't work at all. Any suggestion on Microsoft update hangs in Windows 7?"
– Microsoft Community

Windows update stuck

Most of the time, Windows updates does its job automatically in the background. However, when computer runs slow or attracts virus, many people will check and install updates manually. But sometimes, when they try to install the patch during the shutdown or startup, the installation gets stuck or freezes and cannot finish in hours. This problem mostly due to software conflicts or some mistakes on Microsoft update. You can easily fix Windows 7 update stuck with a professional Windows caring tool - Windows Boot Genius. This amazing software is designed to fix all kinds of Windows crashes and boost computer performance by a large margin.

Part 1: Common Windows 7 Update Stuck Issues

Part 2: Basic Methods to Fix Windows 7 Stuck on Update

1. Restart the computer

No matter Windows 7 stuck on shutting down or starting up, try to restart it using the reset button or powering it off and then press power button. If you are using a tablet or laptop, removing the battery and then put it back, press power button to reboot.

2. Start Windows 7 in Safe Mode

3. Perform A System Restore

As you cannot get into Windows normally, you still need to run Safe Mode.

4. Start "Automatic" Repair Process

The Startup Repair tools helps to repair Windows 7 by replacing important operating system files that might be damaged during update. This process needs you to boot from CD or DVD on your computer. See how to perform a Startup Repair in Windows 7.

Part 3: Fix Microsoft Update Hangs in Windows 7 with Windows Boot Genius

If your Windows 7 computer still freezing on update after trying the methods above, Windows Boot Genius will be your best choice. Free download this versatile program and follow the steps to fix Windows update stuck on checking for updates, downloading, searching or restarting completely.

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Done! With all the solutions mentioned in this post, you must have a clear picture about how to fix Windows 7 update stuck. If you still have any questions, leave us a message below.

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5 Ways to Fix Windows 7 Update Stuck
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