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3 Ways to Fix Windows 10 CHKDSK Stuck

January 25, 2017, 11:00 am / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Computer Helps
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The check disk utility, also known as CHKDSK is a useful Windows system tool to verify the file system integrity, list and correct errors on the disk. However, some users complained that Windows 10 CHKDSK stuck in the scan process and cannot complete for several hours. When they tried to reboot computers, but only find the scanning process resumes automatically. The reason for CHKDSK stuck mostly due to the bad sector in the hard disk, which is not easy for users to repair. Fortunately, we've rounded up 3 effective methods here to fix CHKDSK stuck on Windows 10 with only simple steps.

Method 1: Stop CHKDSK from Running At Startup

When the CHKDSK process bar not moving, the first choice of fixing this error by disabling some service options in system configuration.

Method 2: Use Recovery Drive to Fix Stuck CHKDSK on Windows 10

Method 3: Fix CHKDSK Frozen in Windows 10 with Windows Boot Genius

If the two methods above failed to fix CHKDSK stuck on your computer, you may need a third-party tool. Try Windows Boot Genius - professional computer rebooting software to get rid of CHKDSK freezing issues as well as other stuck on Windows. Free download this program and follow the guide below to see how it works.

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After trying all the 3 solutions, you must know how to fix CHKDSK stuck on windows 10 clearly. If you have the same problem in your Windows 8.1/8/7, the methods are still workable. Hope this post will be helpful!

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3 Ways to Fix Windows 10 CHKDSK Stuck
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