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Dell Laptop No Boot Device Found, How to Fix?

Aug.01, 2017 04:37 am / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Computer Help
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“I've been having this issue for a few days now. My Dell laptop refuses booting giving the report ‘No boot device available’. I tried checking the hard drive and swapping it out but the same problem occurred. I need help on this issue.”

It seems to be a common issue that occurs during the process of booting the operating system. "No Bootable Device Available" means the computer operating system is not able to find the bootable hard disk or hard disk boot sector so that it just cannot boot itself up as usual. If you unfortunately get this error, just keep reading this article to learn about how to fix “No Boot Device Available/Found” on Dell laptop (Latitude/Inspiron/XPS, etc.).

Common Errors of No Available Boot Device

no boot device found dell

Why Boot Device Not Found/ No Available Boot Device on Your Dell Laptop?

Here are some major reasons that cause the error “No Boot Device Available” on Dell laptop Windows 10/8/7.

Top 3 Method to Fix “No Boot Device Available/Found” on Dell Laptop

After figuring out what cause your Dell no boot device available, here comes to the methods to fix Boot Device Not Found issue on Dell laptop Windows 10/8/7.

Method 1: Check the Boot Order of Your Dell Laptop

If you once reset your computer boot device order or added one or two extra hard disks to your PC, it is necessary to check whether your boot order is right or not and then modify it to boot system from the correct device.

no boot device avaliable dell

Method 2: Text and Fix Your Computer Internal Hard Disk

Many computer boot device not found error issues are often caused by damaged or faulty internal hard disk. If you are using an Dell laptop, follow steps below to use built-in Diagnostics (ePSA or PSA).

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Dell Laptop No Boot Device Found, How to Fix?
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