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Did you forget your Windows XP User password? You can click the "?" button to see your password hint. Or you can use your password reset disk. This article describes how to create a password reset disk for a computer that is not a member of a domain in Microsoft Windows XP. (that is part of a workgroup, or that is not connected to a network.)

What is the Windows XP Password Reset Disk?

Do you need to enter a password when booting into Windows XP Pro? Afraid you might forget this password down the road and not be able to run your PC? Make a password reset disk to protect against a lost password.

Note: You may want to know how to create a user login password to protect xp.

To protect user accounts in the event that the user forgets the password, every local user should make a password reset disk and keep it in a safe place. Then, if the user forgets his or her password, the password can be reset using the password reset disk and the user is able to access the local user account again.

The Forgotten Password Wizard lets you create a XP password reset disk that you can use to recover your user account and personalized computer settings if you forget your password.

How to create a XP password reset disk

To create a password reset disk for your local user account, use the following method.

Requirements of creating a password reset disk

The following methods require a floppy disk drive and a blank floppy disk. As we all know, the floppy disk is easily damaged and it is out of date. In this demonstration, I will use a blank USB Fash Disk instead of floppy disk. Firstly make sure it is connected with your computer.

Steps on how to create a Windows XP password reset disk

1. Click Start -> Control Panel. start xp control panel

2. In Control Panel, click "User Accounts".

Note: If you're using the Classic View of Control Panel, double-click on the User Accounts icon. click user account on control panel

3.In the User Accounts pane, click the account that you want to work with. Here I will click my account name "Andy". click user account icon

4.Under the Related Tasks left side options, click "Prevent a forgotten password" to start the "Forgotten Password Wizard", and then click "Next". prevent a forgotten password windows xp forgotten password wizard

5.In the drop-down menu, there are 2 options for us to choose. One is "Floppy A", another is "WPKEY" (It is the name of my USB Flash Drive). Select the "WPKEY" and then click "Next". choose drive create xp password key disk

6. In the "Current User Account Password" box, type Andy's password , and then click "Next". The Forgotten Password Wizard will start creating the disk.

Note: If the user account does not have a password, just leave it blank in the Current user account password box. current user account password windows xp

7.When the progress indicator shows 100% complete, click "Next" and then click "Finish" in the next window. 100% complete creating xp password reset disk completing xp forgotten password wiziard

The password reset disk contains only one file called userkey.psw, which is an encrypted version of your password. userkey


Label the disk "Windows Password Reset Disk" and store it in a safe place. You can use the password reset disk to gain access to your Windows XP-based computer if you forget your password.


1. You only need to create a password reset disk for your Windows XP logon password once. No matter how many times you change your password, this disk will always allow you to create a new one.

2. Keep in mind that anyone who possesses this disk will be able to access your account at any time, even if you change your password. You'd better store it in a safe place.

3. Not a Windows XP user? See the guides for other Windows versions.

4. Unfortunately, if you've forgotten your Windows XP password and can no longer acceses Windows, you won't be able to create a password reset disk. Luckily there is a Windows Password Recovery Tool which can help you to find lost password. It is popular way of getting your password back, even you don't have a password reset disk. You can download the free tried Demo on clicking below link.

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