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Top 3 Easy Ways to Reset Sony Vaio Password

2014-05-06 11:56:23 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Password
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Hi, guys, today I wanna share with you my experience to reset Sony Vaio laptop password with 3 easy ways to help you deal with Sony Vaio password reset problem.

I recently changed the password to login my Sony Vaio but unfortunately forgot it. Worse still, I didn't create a password reset disk ever before. Damn it! You can't imagine how annoyed I was, because without the password, I can't work with my laptop, get any data, and enjoy games.

Then I search the Internet and found out many people have the same problem with me. So below I share 3 easy ways to reset Sony Vaio login password, hoping these methods will save you out.

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool:

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Way 1: Reset Password on Sony Vaio Laptop with System Restore

If you just changed your password and had the system restore program running before you change the password; then you can use System Restore to restore the system back to a time when you were using a password that you remember.

Way 2: Reset Forgotten Password on Sony Vaio Laptop with Command Prompt

You can also reset login password to Sony Vaio notebook free from the command prompt if you can sign into your PC using another admin account. (Don't have another admin account? Go to Windows Password Recovery Tool mentioned in Way 3 for help.)

Way 3: Reset Lost Sony Vaio Password with Windows Password Recovery Tool

This is what I use to recover Sony Vaio password since restoring the system back to a previous point will lose files added after the date of the point and I am the only administrator for my laptop.

Windows Password Recovery Tool is a professional password recovery program for Sony Vaio password reset windows 10/8.1/8/7; it won't cause any data loss and didn't require another admin account.

This is what I experience to reset password to login Sony Vaio. You can also share it with your family members, friends, or co-worker to help them solve Sony Vaio password reset problems.

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool:

Size: 53.7MB
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Top 3 Easy Ways to Reset Sony Vaio Password