How to Fix Battery Drain on iPhone after Updating to iOS 6

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Recently more and more users are complaining about iPhone battery drain after the iOS 10.3/9/8/7/6.1.3 update.

"It's draining about 1 percent every 7 minutes but that's with the phone not in use. In contrast, last week before the update I would charge my phone at night (and on a day without use) it would still be around 99 percent." One iPhone users noted.

The below paragraphs are tips that could help you improve your iPhone battery life. You can use these tips if your iPhone encounters such battery issue. If you are looking for solutions as to how to recover iPhone files after iOS 6 update, iPhone Data Recovery is a good option.

Restore iPhone and Use Wi-Fi to Download

Restoring your phone would greatly increase battery life on all Apple devices. While restoring your phone is easy enough, we are still required to download all our applications directly from Wi-Fi and not using data at all. Because downloading your applications with data and 3G/4G messes up data transfer somehow. This in turn decreases battery life.

You need to restore your device, but not backup because you will be starting over completely. This may be drastic, but if you really need to fix battery issues, it can help. Remember the following tips:

  • Tip 1: Once your device turns on, make sure not enable iCloud.
  • Tip 2: Disable your network data and download all of the applications you need from Wi-Fi.
  • Tip 3: After everything is downloaded, wait for a couple of minutes and enable your data.

Other Solutions

If none of the above solutions help out your iPhone battery drain issues (they most likely will though), then you can try some of these other solutions which have worked for users before:

  • 1. Disable Documents in the Cloud.
  • 2. Remove your SIM card (if you have one), disable all network connections, restart iPhone, and insert SIM card back in.
  • 3. Remove ALL email accounts, restart iPhone and then re-install email accounts.
  • 4. Sign out of Facebook, restart iPhone.
  • 5. Do a completely fresh install of iOS, with a backup.

You should let your phone battery drain all the way and allow your phone to die after making these changes, so that they can take effect. Apple should come out with iOS 6.1.4 if the issues become rampant, so don't worry too much.

iPhone Battery Tips -- Charge iPhone Every Day

Here is what one iPhone users do on a day-to-day basis when it comes to charging iPhone. Using these tips, all his previous iPhones have lasted for years and the batteries are at a healthy level.

  • Tip 1: Remember to charge iPhone every night, though you have already charged it during the day. This helps keep its battery active on a constant basis.
  • Tip 2: Fully charge and drain your iPhone's battery once every two or three months. In my opinion, this helps calibrate your battery indicator properly.
  • Tip 3: If you have to leave your iPhone in one place for a few hours/days, choose a dry place and make sure iPhone battery is above 60 percent. Always charge your iPhone in a cool location.
  • Tip 4: Try to avoid charging your iPhone while it is in its case, since it will make it hotter, which is not good for the battery at all.
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