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How to Unlock iPhone 5S Backup Password Instantly

Nov. 29, 2013 12:09 pm / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to iPhone Backup Password
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A strong backup password gives a layer of protection to your confidential data. But forgetting password to unlock iPhone 5S backup can be a big pain as losing the password means that you will not be able to restore from backup and your data will be unrecoverable. No need to worry! In this article, you'll find out a very safe and quick way to unlock iPhone 5S password.

Method 1: Unlock iPhone 5S Backup Password with iPhone Backup Unlocker

iPhone Backup Unlocker is a professional tool to unlock password protected iPhone 5S backup file. It offers three powerful password crack methods: Brute Force Attack, Brute-Force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack that can find password to unlock iPhone 5S backup with 100% guarantee.

Needed Tool: iPhone Backup Unlocker, a Windows computer

Required Time: Several Minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy

To get started, you need to download and install iPhone Backup Unlocker free in a Windows computer.

Note: You can use this program to unlock iPhone 5S backup password on Mac. Simply move your backup file from Mac to Windows Computer.

Method 2: Unlock Lost iPhone 5S Backup Password with Keychain Access

Keychain is a Mac OS password management utility containing your passwords for Websites, wireless networks and encrypted iTunes backup file, etc. Whether This method can help you find/retrieve the password or not depends on the usage of Keychain in Mac OS X. (Don't work for you? Ask help for straightforward and easy iPhone Backup Unlocker directly.)

Needed Tool: Mac computer, Keychain Access utility

Required Time: A few minutes

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Additional Tips: How to Restore iPhone 5S from iTunes Backup File?

Now with the password, you can easily restore iPhone 5S from iTunes backup file. The process is exactly the same as the previous version of iPhone.

It is really easy to unlock iPhone 5S backup password following instructions in this article. And if you are in an emergency to find lost iPhone 5S backup password, go directly to iPhone Backup Unlocker and have your password unlocked instantly.

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How to Unlock iPhone 5S Backup Password Instantly
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