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How to Hack Windows 8 Login Password?

2012-12-31 02:45:19 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Windows 8 Tips
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In Windows 8, there is traditional text password and newly added picture password, 4-digit PIN code and Windows live ID for you to choose to login into your computer. It's quite a remarkable work of Microsoft. But, what would you do if you forget Windows 8 password? Do you know how to hack Windows 8 password?

Whatever type of Windows 8 password you've forgotten, In order to hack Windows 8 password to login to your computer again, the key is to find the traditional text password or Windows Live password so that you can reset your picture password or 4-digit PIN.

You may wonder, is there any tool that is compatible to hack Windows 8 password or is there any software that can hack Windows 8 picture Password? Given that Windows 8 has just been released recently.

Fortunately, there is a software called Windows 8 password hacker which is able to hack Windows 8 login password. Its idea is to burn a Windows 8 password hacker bootable disk which the locked computer can boot from.

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool:

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How to Hack Windows 8 Administrator Password with Windows 8 Password Hacker?

Windows 8 password hacker enables you to hack into Windows 8 password much easier. After hacking the textual content password or Windows Live password, you are free to reset your picture password and 4-digit PIN.

Download Windows Password Recovery Tool:

Size: 31.15MB
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