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4 Useful Advices in Case You Forgot Windows 8 Password

2014-09-18 20:30:27 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Password
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lost windows 8 password

Many users have already upgraded or bought Windows 8 or 8.1, and are exploring new Windows with joy and happiness. While has it ever occurred to you that you should do something preparation in case that you forgot Windows 8.1/8 password by accident. Here in this article we offer you 4 useful advices.

Tip 1. Create a Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows 8 Password

The Forgotten Password Wizard creates the disk. When the Progress bar reaches 100% complete, click "Next", and then click "Finish". Remove and then label the password reset disk. Store the disk in a safe place.

Created a password reset disk when you still have access to Windows 8. And the password reset disk could help you a lot if you lost Windows 8 password.

Tip 2. Use Windows 8 Password Hints to Recover Windows 8 Password

In the event you forgot Windows 8 administrator password, it is very useful and also a common practice to create a password hint when setting a Windows 8 password. Of course, the password hint will not appear until you enter a wrong Windows 8 password. With the help of hint you set, it's possible that you will recall the password in a very short time. For the safety of your data, you'd better make sure you are the only one who can understand the hint.

Tip 3. Use Reliable Software to Hack Windows 8 Password

Lost password on windows 8 and do not have reset wizard (Created password reset disk)? Can't remember admin password for win 8? If you want to seek help from reliable software, you can take my recommendation and try Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool, an efficient yet easy-to-use tool with superb performance in recovering forgotten Windows 8 password.

Tip 4. Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password with "lusrmgr.msc" Command

It is likely that you have another user account which has admin privileges, in this case you can easily hack Windows 8 password by using "lusrmgr.msc" or "Command".

Note: This method could be of some help if you forgot Windows 8 password, whereas it may make you lose access to all encrypted files, stored passwords, and personal security certificates in your computer.

Tip 5. Recover Lost Windows 8 Microsoft Account Password

If you have set a Microsoft account password as Windows login password. Just go to Microsoft password reset page to reset your password, if you set a PIN or picture password for login, just refer to how to remove Windows 8 password.

Forgot Windows 8 password is not a so terrible thing with no cure, keep these tips and someday you may need them if Windows 8 forgot password.

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4 Useful Advices in Case You Forgot Windows 8 Password