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Windows 8 BIOS Password

2013-05-18 17:18:52 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Tips
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Not familiar with Windows 8 BIOS password? Never mind! Here is the all-round information for you about what Windows 8 BIOS password is, how to set Windows 8 BIOS password, and how to reset Windows 8 BIOS password.

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What Is Windows 8 BIOS Password?

Windows BIOS is the Basic Input / Output System for your computer running Windows 8. It holds the basic data that allows your computer to turn on and access memory, hard drive, video and keyboard. This data is held in a chip on the motherboard. The BIOS is the first program that is run when your computer starts. You can set a password in the BIOS (which is called BIOS password) with 8 characters long to keep others from changing your computer settings that are related to these basic devices.

How to Set Windows 8 BIOS Password?

Your Windows 8 computer will reboot and you'll be prompted for the password that you have set.

How to Reset Windows 8 BIOS Password?

If you don't want the Windows 8 BIOS password, you can reset it as followings:

After all the above instructions, you are surely successful to reset Windows 8 BIOS password. In many cases, you may forget other passwords, like Windows 8 administrator or other user accounts password. Never panic. You can try Windows Password Recovery Tool to help you reset these passwords within 2 minutes.

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Windows 8 BIOS Password