3 Simple Steps to Easily Recover Windows Server 2008 Password

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Losing Windows Server 2008 password? It is really a disaster for many. To make things worse, we are not allowed to create a password reset disk for Windows Server. When confronted with such problem, everyone wants to find a quick and easy way to recover Windows Server password. Here in this article we will explain in details an easy way to recover Windows Server 2008 password with only 3 simple steps.

windows server 2008 password

You must be wondering about how it could be possible. While, actually we need a tool to help us achieve this. With Windows Password Recovery Tool, a tool that could help users to recover Windows Server 2011 password, recover Windows Server 2012 password and other Windows Server password, it is possible to recover Windows Server password with only a few clicks of the mouse -- the only devices needed are your computer and a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Let's get started and see how this tool works to do recover Windows Server 2011 password.

Recover Windows Server Password with Windows Server Password Recovery Tool

Step 1. Download and Install Windows Server Password Recovery

Download Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional and then install it on any PC you have access to. The installation is quick, which takes only several minutes.

Step 2. Burn Windows Server Password Recovery to a USB Flash Drive or a CD/DVD

Insert the device you've prepared – a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to the computer you have access to. Then extract the ISO image file of Windows Server Password Recovery to the device, which will burn a bootable Windows Server password reset disk. When the extracting process finishes, take out the device from the computer.

windows server password
Step 3. Recover Windows Server Password

Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB to the target PC running Windows Server, and change BIOS settings to set computer boot from CD/DVD or USB. Then select the target Windows Server user account, and press "Next" to start Windows Server password reset with this burned disk.

windows server 2003 password reset

3 simple steps and the help of a USB flash drive, you could efficiently and easily recover Windows Server 2012 password. Also you are allowed to use the software to do Windows Server 2003 password reset, recover Windows Server 2012 password, Windows Server 2008 password and other versions of Windows Server password.

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