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How to Set Insyde BIOS to Boot from USB and Reset Password

Dec. 11, 2015 11:46 am / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows Password
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Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 4930TG. I once had set a boot up password in bios. I want to remove it so I set it to null. Bad decision! Now I can't boot this laptop at all, stop immediately upon power up with ""Enter Current Password". So I'm completely locked out. My friend asks me to fix it with Insyde but it's too difficult and unsavvy for me. Who can tell me how to set Insyde Setup Utility to boot and reset password from USB and any ideas are welcomed.

How to Use Insyde H20 Setup Utility to Boot from USB and Change Password:

Additional Way to Easily Set BIOS to Boot from USB and Reset Password

Actually there is an easy way to boot computer from USB and reset password. With Windows Password Recovery Tool , you don't need Insyde at all and change your password with easy.

Step1. Download and install program on your unprotected computer. Run the program and create a bootable USB flash

create bootable USB flash

Step2. Insert newly created USB into your protected computer and boot it. Then you have to press F12 to enter and set BIOS firstly. Select hard drive from the dropdown list and click Enter.

 remove the password

Step3. Choose the account from User Name and click "Remove the password" and click Next. Your password will be erased and click "Reboot" to restart your computer. Now you can enter your computer without any password and reset it.

remove the password

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool:

Win Version

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How to Set Insyde Bios to Boot from USB and Reset Password