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How to Recover Windows 8 Password with Windows Password Recovery Disk?

2014-09-11 06:53:41 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Tips
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Along with a series of new features brought about by Windows 8, there is also a new look in Windows 8 password. And raising questions on how to recover Windows 8 password among users becomes an increasing tendency.

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Besides the traditional textual content password, picture password, PIN password and Windows Live password are newly added to Windows 8, thus making 4 types of password.

windows 8 password recovery

With the increasing computer security, Windows 8 now by default requires users to set a Windows admin password for administrator account. I assume most people are accustomed to setting an admin password the old way. What if we forgot Windows 8 login password? How to recover Windows 8 password without re-installing Windows 8?

Yes! Windows password recovery software can help you easily recover Windows 8/8.1 password for both local account and Microsoft account.

It's an easy, safe and efficient solution adopted by most majority of people who forgot or lost Windows password.

Here is the idea of how Windows 8 password recovery software works: To burn a Windows 8 password recovery disk/USB from Windows Password Recovery iso for the computer to reboot from.

Here are 3 easy steps on how to recover Windows 8 password with Windows 8 Password recovery:

That's all for how to recover Windows 8 password with password reset disk and you can also read about how to recover a password for a Gateway Windows 8 for more details on Windows 8 password recovery for specific PC brands.


Windows 8 password recovery is able to recover Windows 8 login password, recover Windows 8 administrator password, etc.

It's powerful to recover Windows login password of all editions of operating systems, including recovering Windows 8/7/Vista/XP password, etc.

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool :

Size: 53.9MB
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