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3 Ways to Create New User Accounts in Windows 8

2013-04-20 15:13:08 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Tips
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User accounts are an advantageous way for several users to share a single PC with each person's own settings and preferences, such as a desktop background or screen saver. When you create a user account in the new system, Windows 8, there are two types of accounts for you to choose, a local account for your PC and a Microsoft account. Here I would like to introduce 3 simple ways to help you add a new user account in windows 8 on your PC.

Solution 1: Create a New Local User Account in Windows 8 after Login

The local account in Windows 8 is just the same as what is used in the previous Windows versions, such as Windows 7/XP/Vista, etc. It is local to your computer and is not integrated into any of Microsoft's online services.

Before you go to create new local user accounts in Windows 8, you need to make sure that you are logged in with an account which has the administrator privileges. If you forgot your Windows 8 password, use Windows Password Recovery Tool to help your recover your password. And then follow the below steps.

windows 8 create user account

Solution 2: Create a Microsoft Account in Windows 8 after Login

A Microsoft account contains the email address and password which you use to sign into Windows 8. After you sign into your PC with a Microsoft account, your PC is connected to the cloud and your settings and contents are synced to any Windows 8 PC.

Note: If the email address you type doesn't exist, you will be prompted to register a new Microsoft account. After registration process finishing, Microsoft will send an email to the inputted email address to let you verify your Microsoft account.

Solution 3: Create a New User Account in Windows 8 Although You Can't Login

If you forgot your administrator password or any other user password and can't login your Windows 8, you can use Windows Password Recovery Tool to help you create a new user account to login your system.

Your PC may have many Windows 8 user accounts and you should try to manage them accurately. But never be worried if you forgot them, just use Windows Password Recovery Tool to help you reset password for user accounts in Windows 8.

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3 Ways to Create New User Accounts in Windows 8