How to Upgrade Windows 10 BIOS

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BIOS is the abbreviation of Basic Input Output System, which forms a layer between hardware and Windows system. Actually, whenever you encounter some hardware issues, update BIOS is always the recommended solution as it will help the software maintain its compatibility with the hardware. In this article, we’ll tell you how to update BIOS on Windows 10 computer with detailed steps.

Part 1: How to Check Current BIOS Version in Windows

Before updating the BIOS, it’s necessary to check the version from the System Information.

  • Open your computer and type “cmd” in the search box, then click the “Command Prompt” result.
  • Copy and paste the following command into the Command Prompt and hit “Enter”.
    wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion
  • Now you’ll see the version number of BIOS or UEFI firmware in your computer.
  • check bios version

Part 2: How to Update Windows 10 BIOS

Different brands computer use different motherboards, the utilities and procedures are also different. Thus, there’s no one-for-all instructions for all PCs. Here we’ll introduce the procedures for some popular brands.

Note: Be careful about BIOD updating, any wrong operations may make your computer become bricked.

1. Dell Laptop

  • Go to to download the BIOS update.
  • Identify your product by entering Service tag or serial number.
  • identify product
  • Click on “View a different product” and try browsing for a product manually.
  • Go to BIOS from the pull-down category once the correct product is chosen.
  • Select the latest file and click “View Details”.
  • Download and save the file to your laptop. Double click on the icon and this will reboot your system to open up BIOS update page.
  • download driver

2. HP Computer

  • Go to HP software and drivers page, choose the correct model.
  • Select the operating system and a list of updates will be displayed.
  • Check for the BIOS section, ensure that the update is meant for your computer model.
  • Download the BIOS file and save it.
  • Double click on the BIOS files and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the process.
  • hp update utility

3. Lenovo Laptop

  • Go to Lenovo support site, find the latest version of the BIOS for your computer.
  • On the support page, go to product -> Drivers and Software -> BIOS, then choose your operating system.
  • Switch off the anti-virus software before starting the update.
  • Once the file is downloaded, extract and run it, follow the onscreen instructions to proceed.
  • When the process completes, restart your computer.

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This article shows you how to update BIOS on Windows 10 HP, Lenovo, Dell laptop with detailed steps. If you have other brands of PC, the steps are similar. For further questions about this post, leave us a message below.

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