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I had a friend and roommate in college. He was very obsessed with computer games. He squeezed every minute out of his dinner time, skipped class for online games, etc. We've been classmates back in high school, we are like buddies, so when I saw what the game was doing to him, I decided to set an administrator password for his computer, and I did it very quickly while he's away. When he came back and found out about what happened. He asked me to unlock Windows Password for him, I offered a trade. As long as you put aside plenty of time for your meals, and attend class regularly this semester, I'll do that for you. Things got quite ugly at the beginning. But given the solid and deep relationship we've established, we stuck it through. He did very well in the final examination and received scholarship.

Unlock Windows Password

He thanked me and told me that he's been searching for methods on how to unlock administrator password, and he found Windows Password Unlocker professional very useful. He showed me how to unlock Windows password with it. Here are 3 easy steps of how to unlock Windows password.

  • Step 1: Free Download and run Windows Password Recovery Tool on an accessible PC.
  • Step 2: Insert a blank CD/DVD or a USB Flash device into your computer. And you'll be able to burn a Windows password unlocker in a few seconds.
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  • Step 3: Set BIOS to boot the locked computer from the burned Windows Password unlocker live CD or USB, and then you can unlock Windows password under WinPE with a few clicks.
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I did what he told, and it proved very easy and effective. It can unlock Windows 7 password, also to unlock XP password is within its ability. I've also run a few tests in other operating systems, it turns out to be able to unlock Vista password, moreover, it's also qualified to unlock Windows 8 password. I'm really amazed at the function of Windows Password Unlocker. Now our friendship goes even further and we also learned a trick on how to unlock computer password and unlock laptop password!

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