How to Retrieve Windows Password on your Own?

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retrieve windows password

A: I forgot my Windows Password word and I am now being locked out of my computer! What am I supposed to?

B: Did you gather any information on how to retrieve Windows password? You tried that yet?

A: No. Tell me more about it.

B: Retrieve Windows password can be very easy, but you have to decide whether to retrieve administrator password or …? Btw, what's the operating System that you've been using?

A: Errr, I sort of lost administrator password and I never created any other user account. I've been using Windows 7 and I planned to do a Windows 8 system! How ironic is it, huh? Well, do you have any idea how to retrieve Windows Password? Do I have to turn to a computer expert for help or something?

retrieve windows 8 password

B: Not necessarily, you can manage to do it on your own. What I'm talking about is "Windows Password Retrieval". I used to lose my windows password a lot, story of my life, lol. A friend of mine introduced me Windows Password Retrieval software. I managed to retrieve Windows 7 password and Vista password with the help of it. It's really awesome! It's capable of retrieving all kinds of Windows password: Windows login password, Windows admin password, etc.

A: Is it able to retrieve Windows 8 password, I was sort of planning to… just in case, I forgot password again. That happens a lot, XD.

B: I understand. Don't worry, Windows Password Recovery is highly compatible to do that, besides it has the capability to retrieve XP password and competence to retrieve Vista password, and of course, the ability to retrieve Windows 7 password.

A: I've got another question. You know, I'm quite a newbie in terms of computer. Am I able to do it on my own? Like really?

B: You can totally be sure of yourself. The interface is designed user-friendly, very simple and easy. No computer skills are required as long as you know how to read and click the mouse. Basically, people of all ages are able to handle it.

A: Okay. That sounds pretty easy and interesting. Could you shed some light on how does this software work?

B: Sure. Here are 3 easy steps of how to retrieve forgotten Windows password in Windows8/7/Vista/XP:

  • 1. Free download Windows Password Retrieval (Windows Password Recovery Tool) and create a bootable disk with Windows Password retrieval, you can either use a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
  • 2. Insert the CD/DVD or USB flash drive into your PC, set BIOS to boot from your device..
    retrieve windows 7 password
  • 3. Remove your device and click restart now, then you are able to enter your computer without any password.
    windows password retrieval

A: I'll check it out!

One day later…

B: How did it go?

A: It worked like magic!! It took me about only 4-5 minutes! It's totally worth it. Thanks a million times! I can not only prevent it from happening again but also save much trouble searching online here and there for solutions next time. Windows Password Retrieval saved my life!! I'll go and tell my friends about it.

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