The Best Way to Reset Forgotten Password on Samsung Chromebook Laptop

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Since Google launched Chrom OS in the Product Conference of 2010, many brands of laptop has been installed with it. Samsung Chromebook is a typical example. However, many users of Samsung Chromebook laptop complain that they don't know how to reset Samsung Chromebook password after they forgot.

Different from Windows computer, Samsung Chromebook is logged in with Google account. So if you forgot the login password to Samsung Chromebook, you just need to reset password for your Google account. Now let's look at the steps to reset Samsung Chromebook password together.

Reset Samsung Chromebook Login Password by Resetting Google Account Password

You can use any accessible computer (including Windows computer) to reset Samsung Chromebook login password.

At first, you need to get into Google webpage, and then you can see "sign in" option on the upper-right corner. Click it.

  • Then you can see the page below. Tap on "Add account".
  • reset samsung Chromebook password
  • Now you can type your Google account in the Email box, and then choose "Need help".
  • reset samsung Chromebook login password
  • Then three options will be listed on a webpage, choose the option of "I don't know my password", and type your Google account.
  • reset samsung Chromebook laptop password
  • Password help will show up. Now you can enter the last password you remember. If not, just click "I don't know" button.
  • reset forgotten password on samsung Chromebook laptop
  • Then you can choose the way of receiving verification code.
  • reset forgotten password on samsung Chromebook laptop
  • Now you can submit the verification code and reset password for Samsung Chromebook laptop.

Additional Tips: What Can You Do If Forgot Google Account

Except from forgetting Google password, forgetting Google account is also a common phenomenon that Samsung Chromebook users might confront with. It is not difficult as well to find back your Google account. The first two steps are the same with those of resetting Google password: Sign in>Add account>Need help.

  • Then you need to choose the option of "I don't know my username"
  • Select a recovery method and enter the name on the account. And finish the steps remained.
  • reset password for samsung Chromebook laptop

In this article, we mainly discuss about how to reset Samsung Chromebook password (noted that the way is suitable to all Chromebook laptop). If you forgot Windows password on your Samsung laptop, seek help from Windows Password Recovery Tool, a well-known and highly-spoken program which is specialized in retrieving Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP password on various computers.

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