[Solved] iPhone 6s locked, How to Remove the Passcode?

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"I've bought a brand new iPhone 6s and set a relatively complicated passcode, but recently I forgotten my iPhone passcode! Is there any way to hack into the device?"

Want to unlock the locked iPhone passcode? It's not easy, that is because you'll have to restore the iPhone to remove the passcode and the whole process is quite complex. Fortunately, here, in this post, we will show you how to remove the password and manage to access to your iPhone with a couple of clicks. Below is what you can try.

Part 1: How to Remove the Passcode on iPhone with ReiBoot

Here is a software - ReiBoot Pro that can help you to restore your device and totally remove its password. After that you can use your Apple ID to set a new passcode for your iPhone.

To get started, please make sure you've made a full backup. After having done that, you can download and install ReiBoot on your PC, then follow the guide below to achieve it.

  • Step 1: Run ReiBoot Pro on your computer, then connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. Click "Fix All iOS Stuck" section in the main interface to enter system recovery screen.

    fix all
  • Step 2: If your iPhone works fine, you'll see the interface below. You can repair the system to improve iOS performance. Hit "Advanced Mode" to proceed.

    advanced mode
  • Note: The advanced mode can repair system more deeply but it will wipe out all data in your device.

  • Step 3: ReiBoot Pro will show the matched latest firmware package for your iPhone. Click "Download" button to start downloading the firmware package online.

  • Step 4: Once the firmware package downloading completed. Click "Start Repair" to start system recovery.

    start repair
  • Step 5: Once the repairing process done, your iPhone will boot up, and your iPhone will be restored as a new one.

Part 2: How to Recover iPhone Backup Password with iPhone Backup Unlocker

After restore the iPhone 6s with Reiboot, all your data on your iPhone would be wiped out. Then you can re-activate iPhone with your Apple ID and reset a new passcode and recover what you've backed before with iTunes, but what if you forget the password of your backup files, what should you do? Now, here comes the life savor— iPhone Backup Unlocker, which is capable of recovering iPhone backup passowrd. Follow the steps below to learn how to recover iTunes backup password for iPhone.

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  • Step1: The program will detect and find directory of the backup file automatically. Click "Add" to import backup file.

  • Step 2: choose a suitable attack type according to your requirement , after that, hit the "Start" to proceed.


This is the elaborated guide to unlock your iPhone and iTunes backup with the help of Reiboot and iPhone Backup Unlocker, We offer more solutions on unlocking Windows password and Wi-Fi password. Welcome your feedback and comment.

Free Try iPhone Backup Unlocker
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