How to Change Boot Order on HP Laptop/Desktop

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“I have a HP Pavilion Notebook running Windows 10. It has had problems for months. I was told that I need to format hard drive and do a clean installation. I created a bootable USB drive, but not sure how to get to the boot menu and navigate it to find the USB drive. How do I change boot sequence and boot the USB? Please help as soon as possible. I need this PC for college and other daily activities. Thanks.”

-from HP Support Forum

Sometimes in order to fix a HP computer, we need to change HP laptop boot order in BIOS. However, most of users are lack of such knowledge about how to do that in HP desktop or laptop. In this article, we are aim at discussing about it.

Here are the table of contents:

Part 1: What is Boot Order?

Part 2: How to Access HP BIOS Before Changing Boot Order

Part 3: How to Change Boot Sequence in HP Windows OS

Part 1: What is Boot Order?

When a HP PC starts, the BIOS system begins to examine an advanced list of drives and devices that might contain an operating system such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. The Boot order in which the devices are checked is configurable through BIOS setup menu. In other words, Boot Order is the order in which the hardware storage devices are read by computer. The default boot order contains Floppy disk drive, Optical drive (DVD, CD-ROM), Hard drive, USB device and network adapter.

Part 2: How to Access HP BIOS Before Changing Boot Order

In order to change BIOS order, you need to access BIOS utility at first. Switch on or reboot the HP computer. When the display is blank, press F key to enter BIOS setup utility.

How to Enter HP BIOS? Here are the keys to access:

  • Press the F1, F10, or F11 key after restarting the computer.
  • HP Tablet PCs may use F10 or F12.
  • Other HP computers may allow access to BIOS using the F2 or Esc keys.
Note: Different types of computer motherland, BIOS vendor and BIOS version may lead to press different keys, if F10 doesn’t work, just try F2, F12, Delete or ESC key.

Part 3: How to Change Boot Sequence in HP Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Different HP PC shows different BIOS interfaces. Nowadays, the main motherland BIOS in HP is HP BIOS, AMI BIOS, Phoenix-Award BIOS, no matter your computer operating system is Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP.

Option 1. Configure HP Boot Order in BIOS Setup Utility

BIOS Setup Utility is equal to AMI BIOS. It is the common and basic BIOS interface. You can see it in lots of computer brands. There is no exception in HP computer.

Here are the steps to change Boot order:

1. Refer to the keys in Part 2 to enter BIOS Setup Utility.


2. Choose “Boot” tab by typing the left and right arrow keys.

bios setup utility

3. Choose “Boot Device Priority” by typing the up and down arrow keys. Change boot order by following the on-screen instructions.

boot device priority

4. Use left and right arrow key to move to the “Exit” tab, use up and down arrow key to choose “Save Changes and Exit” option. Type “OK” to confirm the action. Or directly press F10 to save your settings.

 exit bios setting

Option 2. Change HP Boot Priority in Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility

Phoenix-Award BIOS is also frequently-used in HP desktop or laptop machine. You can find it in most PCs based on Windows Vista/XP operating system.

User guide is appeared in the following:

1. Find the keys in Part 2 to enter Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility.

2. In the main interface, choose “Advanced BIOS Features” tab.

Phoenix-Award BIOS

3. Move to “First Boot Device” to select your boot device priority.

 Phoenix-Award Advanced BIOS Features

Option 3. Change HP Boot Sequence in Hewlett-Packard Setup Utility

HP is short for Hewlett-Packard. This is exclusive for HP PCs because it is made by HP company.

Let’s see the user guide and change boot sequence:

1. Refer to the keys in Part 2 to enter Hewlett-Packard Setup Utility.

2. Press the “Security” and then choose “Secure Boot Configuration”.

 Hewlett-Packard Setup Utility

3. In the pop up window, enable “Legacy Support” and Disable “Secure Boot” option. Then press F10 to save the change.

Hewlett-Packard BIOS security

4. Reboot HP PC and press F9 to access BIOS again. Choose “Storage” and then select “Boot Order”. Finally, you can change boot Sequence successfully.

 Hewlett-Packard BIOS storage
Note: In some brand-new HP laptops recently, you can see the white BIOS setup interface, instead of the traditional blue interface. The steps to enter it are the same as other UEFI BIOS utility.
HP computer setup

Wow, that’s all the information I have known about how to change boot order in HP Envy, Pavilion, EliteBook, etc.. By the way, if you HP PC is crashing or won’t boot with blue or blue screen of death, Windows Boot Genius is your life saver.

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