How to Add Windows 8's Best Desktop Features to Windows 7

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how to add Windows 8's best desktop features to Windows 7

Many people encountered the dilemma that don't want to upgrade to Windows 8 for the confusing Metro but want to experience the best Windows 8 desktop feature. Luckily, many of Windows 8's best under-the-hood improvements can be yours in Windows 7 with the help of a few handy-dandy applications.

Here is how to add best Windows 8 desktop feature to Windows 7:

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Improved File Copying and Moving

One of the biggest desktop improvements of Windows 8 is the file-copy dialog box. It brings all copying and moving processes in a single Window, with Pause and Skip option. deals with file conflicts more intelligently, and is just plain faster than before.

You can enjoy the improved file copying and moving feature without upgrading to Windows 8 by installing the utterly superb Tera Copy. This utility not only speeds up some file transfers, but also allows you to pause your transfers, a tremendously convenient improvement over Windows' default functionality. Tera Copy sports Windows shell integration, allowing you to completely replace Windows Explorer's normal copy, paste, and move functions with Tera Copy's excellent alternatives.

New Windows Better Explorer

A Ribbon-ized version of the traditional Windows Explorer interface has been dubbed in Windows 8 which offers an easier access to less-used functions. And in Windows 8 Explorer on a single click, a user can get access to Directory.

To enjoy Windows 7's Windows Explorer with a Ribbon and an Up button, you can take a use of Better Explorer. It can display multiple open folders in tabs at the top of the window. And it also allow you to mount ISO Disc Image file by double clicking, which also help you to get rid from a third party ISO Mounting Software.

A Powerful Task Manager

Windows 8 task manager is really powerful. It has the ability to restart explorer.exe with a single click, a vastly improved performance-monitoring tab, and a tool to manage your startup programs.

Though it is a little difficult to experience the same task manager in Windows 7, you can try Microsoft's own Process Explorer which is a bit more complicated than Windows 7's task manager.

With these applications mentioned above, you can easily experience Windows 8's best desktop features without upgrading to Windows 8.

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