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2 Ways to Fix Windows 8 MBR Easily and Quickly

Jul. 31, 2013 4:15 pm / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to Computer Help
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MBR (Master Boot Record) plays vital role in booting Windows OS successfully. Most Windows PCs fail to boot not because of a hardware problem but result from a corrupt or missing Master Boot Record (MBR). Most people in such cases would like to reinstall Windows OS. This article, taking Windows 8 for example, tells you how to fix Windows 8 MBR without reinstalling Windows 8.

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Option 1: Fix Windows 8 MBR with CMD

Most MBR issues are due to some malware wreaked havoc on your PC or you installed an earlier version of Windows over Windows 8. Luckily Microsoft enables some tools in troubleshooting to help you repair MBR in Windows 8. But you will need the Windows 8 installation disk or use a Windows 8 bootable USB instead. (Click here to create Windows 8 bootable USB with Windows Boot Genius.)

Option 2: Fix Windows 8 Master Boot Record with Windows Boot Genius

Windows Boot Genius can be a better choice for you to restore Master Boot Record in Windows 8 easily and quickly. It will locate Master Boot Code in systems partition's correctly and add an active partition if the first hard disk on your Windows 8 doesn't contain one.

With these steps, you can easily fix Master Boot Record in Windows 8. In addition, Windows Boot Genius can also be used to backup Windows 8 and it is highly recommended to backup Windows 8 OS with Windows Boot Genius before you repair Master Boot Record in Windows 8.

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2 Ways to Fix Windows 8 MBR Easily and Quickly
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