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Top 3 Ways to Recover Forgotten Windows 8.1 Administrator Password

2014-05-27 09:12:14 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 8 Tips
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Lost or forgot Windows 8.1 administrator login password and unable to log on to your PC? This may be one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you on Windows 8.1. Fortunately, here you will learn 3 useful methods to recover Windows 8.1 administrator password.

1. Recover Windows 8.1 Local Administrator Password with Third-party Software

In order to save time and keep data on the locked computer undamaged, you can follow my recommendation to use Windows Password Reset Tool, which can hack/change Windows 8.1 administrator password as well as any other user passwords for both local account and Microsoft account within minutes.

2. Recover Windows 8.1 Admin Password by Password Reset Disk Created before

After creating a login account for your Windows 8.1, you can choose to create a password reset disk in case that you forget or lose the password and can't access to your PC someday. If you did create a password reset disk, you can use it to reset lost administrator password Windows 8.1 without any effort. (Unfortunately failed to create one, seek help from Windows Password Recovery Tool for Windows 8.1 admin password recovery).

3. Recover Windows 8.1 Admin Password with a Super Administrator Account

There is a built-in Administrator account in Windows 8.1 which has no password. It is different from a normal administrator account and has super privileges over other accounts. If the super account has been enabled before you lost password, you can use it to crack Windows 8.1 administrator password or just remove it. Here are detailed steps:

Note: this method can be only used when you have enabled the super administrator account. As the built-in administrator account is usually turned off, you can go back to Windows Password Reset Tool for Windows 8.1 admin password recovery.

Now you have known three ways to crack Windows 8.1 administrator password. Choose an appropriate way, follow the steps and you can enjoy your PC again.

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool :

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