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Two Methods to Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Password

2011-11-05 10:08:19 / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 7 Password
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Bought a used computer from a pawn shop, but it is password locked? Your Dad changed your Windows 7 admin account and can't remember the password now? Many of us may come across this awkward scenario. Lost Windows 7 password is no big deal if you have made a Windows 7 password key disk in advance. However, if you don't have a reset disk or USB drive, thing will be much complicated. Nevertheless, it is possible to reset Windows 7 password. The article below states two methods on how to reset a password on Windows 7.

How to Reset Windows 7 Password?

Method 1. Reset Windows 7 Password with Reset Disk

Error message says "The user name or password is incorrect" will pop up to you if you enter the wrong password. If you are lucky enough to have a reset disk already, you can follow user password reset wizard here to reset password.

  • 1. In Windows 7 log on screen, you can see "Reset password" below the password dialogue box. Click it to start the reset process.

    password incorrect

  • 2. In the pop up Windows 7 Password Reset Wizard, click "Next" to continue.

    reset disk

  • 3. Insert the password reset disk to the computer, select it and click "Next".

    reset windows 7 password

  • 4. Now you are in "Reset the User Account Password" screen. Type the new password and password hint there. Then click "Next".

    windows 7 password key disk

  • 5. Click "Finish" to close the password reset wizard.

    windows 7 password reset

Method 2. Using Windows 7 Password Reset Software

If there is no reset disk available, don't worry! Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool allows you to create a password reset disk and bypass locked computer. Here is the detailed tutorial.

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool:

Win Version

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  • Step 1. Create a Password Reset Disk:
    Download Windows 7 Password Reset Software (Windows Password Recovery Tool) and install it in any available computer. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive to the computer. Launch the program, select CD/DVD or USB device, then click "Burn" button to start creating.

    how to reset windows 7 password

  • Step 2. Boot Up Locked Computer from Created CD/DVD or USB Drive:
    Insert created CD/DVD or USB Drive to the locked computer and change the BIOS setting to boot from CD/DVD-ROM or USB Drive.

    how to reset a password on windows 7

Check here to see how to change BIOS setting::
Set BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD-ROM
Set BIOS to Boot from USB Drive

Step 3. Reset Password in Windows 7

  • 1. Windows Password Recovery Tool will run automatically. Select Windows 7 installation and "Reset your password" option. Then click "Next".

    windows 7 user password reset

  • 2. Highlight the user account and "Remove the password", then click "Next" to erase forgotten password,

    reset user password windows 7

  • 3. Your password will be set to blank one at a time. When that finished, click "Reboot" to restart the computer and logon PC with no password.

    password resetter

    Note: Please remember to eject the CD/DVD and USB drive before rebooting.

Video Guide about How to Reset Login Password for Windows 7

Free Trial Windows Password Recovery Tool:

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Two Methods to Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Password