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Windows Password Recovery Tool FAQ

Below are some common issues that probably will occur during the process of download, installation or purchase and usage of Windows Password Recovery Tool. However, if you have some other special questions and cannot find answers in the following FAQs by chance, then please feel free to contact us, and we will offer you timely technical support. Our technical support team will help you timely and warmly to work them out.



Q: I want to test your product before buying, can I? And if possible, how?

A: Of course you can. We offer free demo versions downloading service for everyone to take a test before purchasing. You just need to click "Free Trial" button on each product page and you then can get it.

Q: There are 4 editions of Windows Password Recovery Tool. Which version should I choose?

A:Generally speaking, it depends on your computer's operating system.
If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, you can choose any one as you like.
If you are using Windows Server 2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2), and just need to reset local password, choose the professional edition. If your computer is a domain controller, you can turn to enterprise or ultimate versions.
Learn more about difference among the 4 editions of Windows Password Recovery Tool.

Q: What's the difference between the trial version and full version?

A: The trial version of Windows Password Recovery Tool can only list all the user names of Windows users, but cannot reset their passwords. The full version will reset forgotten Windows password for you.


Q: I installed your software on my Dad's computer but I cannot even perform the 2nd step to burn a password reset disk. Why?

A: Firstly, make sure you've installed the full version of our software instead of the trial one. Since only after you purchase the full version, then can you get the registration code to reset password.

Another probable reason is that you need to make sure whether your disk-CD/DVD or USB flash drive is empty and writable or not, otherwise you would fail to burn either.

Q: After installed the software, I still cannot reset password successfully, why?

A: Firstly, make sure you installed the full version of the software but not the trail version. Only the full version can fulfill its function to reset password, or else the password reset process will be failed.

The trial version will list all the user names of Windows only, but cannot remove or reset their passwords. So that you have to uninstall the trial version and then install the full version instead.

Q: I failed to install your software on my PC, why?

A: You need to make sure 2 things before you install our software. One is: whether the computer is Windows OS based or not, the other is: remember to disable any firewall temporarily before installation.

Burn & Create reset disk

Q: What should I prepare for creating the password reset disk?

A: Good question. Since creating the password reset disk is a very important step among the whole password recovery process, so it's good for you to prepare an empty and writable CD/DVD/USB flash drive and an accessible computer. It should be noted that if you use CD or DVD, you need to check if the CD-ROM works fine on the PC. Additionally remember to do back-ups if your CD/DVD/USB is not a new one.

Q: Do I have to burn a CD?

A: Yes, you should burn a password reset disk with a CD/DVD/USB flash drive and you cannot just copy Windows Password Recovery Tool into the removable device, that won't work for forgotten password reset.

Q: I insert a CD, but later your program cannot recognize it, what should I do?

A: First take out the CD and insert it to the PC again, if still failed, then check whether there is a symbol which represents your CD in "My Computer" to see if the CD-ROM on your PC works or not.

Q: The software cannot recognize my USB flash drive. What should I do?

1. Make sure you insert the USB flash drive into the computer, and then close and launch the program again.
2. please check the edition of the program you've got as its Standard edition doesn't support USB drive. If it is the Professional or Enterprise, Ultimate edition, it is possible to take CD/DVD/USB as reset disk. Otherwise, try to install and run it in another computer.
3. Besides, you can also contact us your problem with your order ID, we'll send you a full download link of another version for your password reset after check.

Q: When I tried to burn a password reset disk with my CD, it just failed again and again, how can I do?


Q: I failed to burn the CD/DVD, what's the problem?

A: 1. Please make sure whether your CD/DVD is blank or not. If it contains data, the burning won't success.
2. Please make sure the optical drive a burner. If it is only a disk reader, it will refuse to do the burning.
3. If the optical drive is a burner, please make sure it works fine.

Q: How should I know if I've successfully burned the disk or not?

A: This is easy. You can check if your prepared CD/DVD or USB flash drive occupies about 30MB in capacity after you finish the burning process with the program.

Q: When I try to click "USB" icon on the interface, it prompts "Please select a burn drive" again and again to stop me burning, why?

A: Well, this is very likely that you don't connect your USB flash drive to the computer well. So you need to take out the USB and insert it to the PC again.

Q: I have several USB flash drives, any suggestion for which kind of USB drive should I use?

A: My advice is you'd better use the one with high-quality and enough capacity. One more tip is that: remember to do back-ups for the chosen USB flash drive.

Q: After I click "Burn" button, it prompts "USB Flash Drive will be formatted, and all your data in the USB Flash Drive will be lost…" What does this mean?

A:To burn a password reset disk, our program requires an empty and writable CD/DVD/USB. If you received that message, it means that your USB is not a blank one. However, to go on burning, USB flash drive needs to be formatted. And this is why we highly recommend users to backup data for the USB or CD/DVD before burning.

Q: How can I make sure I've smoothly created my password reset disk with USB?

A:That's pretty simple. All you need to make sure is just to see whether your USB has occupied an approximate capacity of 30MB or not after you finish burning process.